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Soal Bahasa Inggris Invitation Card

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Virginia Parker is turning 80, 
though it may seem absurd!  
We’re having a party, but don’t breathe a word!

Please join us for
a Surprise Birthday Party

Sunday, June 20th
2.00 pm

Deering Bay Estates Club House
13600 Old Cutler Road

RSVP by June 10th
To Danielle Stevens

1.   1.  What kind of party is it?
a.       Wedding Party                         
b.        Birthday Party
c.       Wedding anniversary            
d.        New Year’s Eve Party
2.   2.  When will the party be held?
a.       On the twenty seventh of June
b.       On the sixteenth of June
c.       On the twentieth of June      
d.       d. On the tenth of June
3.    3.Where will the party be held?
a.       At Deering Bay Estates Club House
b.       On Deering Bay Street
c.       At Danielle Stevens’ house  
d.        At Virginia house
4.   4.  RSVP stands for ‘Respondez  S’il  Vous Plait which means …...
a.       Make sure you come             
b.        Please Reply
c.       I want you to come
d.    Don't forget


sumber gambar:

5. What is the purposes of the text?
a. To inform someone about Farewell Party
b. To invite  someone to attend Farewell Party
c. To forbid students to come to farewell party
d. To remind someone to celebrate farewell party

6. Where will the party be held?
a. at Olivia's house
b. at Sam's house
c. at Marcia and John Smith's house
d. at the park

7. What does "Farewell" mean?
a. say good bye
b. say god night
c. say good luck
d. say good morning

8. How old is Caleb?
a. 4 years old
b. 5 years old
c. 14 years old
d. 40 years old

9. Who should we contact to make confirmation?
a. Caleb
b. Caleb's mother
c. Caleb's sister
d. Anne Marie

10. When will the party be held?
a. in the morning
b. in the afternoon
c. in the evening

d. at  night


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