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Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris dan Kunci Jawaban TA 2012/2013

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Part 1
1. Transcription
Man : Hi, my name is rani. How do you do?
Woman : How do you do? I’m Nancy.
Man : Let’s sit here.
Woman : Thank you.
Narrator: What are the speakers talking about?
a. The woman’s news.
b. The new places.
c. Introduction
d. The woman’s name.
e. The new friend.
Key : c
2. Transcription
Man : Do you know Semarang?
Woman : What do you think about it?
Man : I think, Semarang is crowded and hot. It’s traffic light is always heavy.
Woman : I agree with you.
Narrator: What does the man state?
a. Picture.
b. Opinion.
c. Agreement.
d. Promise.
e. Place.
Key : b
3. Transcription
Man : Tina, I’m happy today because I have got lottery from Bank Mandiri.
Woman : Congratulation. I’m delighted to hear that.
Man : Thank you. What are you doing here?
Woman : I’m waiting my old friend.
Narrator: How does the woman feel?
a. Sad.
b. Happy.
c. Sympathy.
d. Surprise.
e. Satisfied.
Key : b
Part 2
4. Transcription
Man : Why do you look so sad? What’s wrong with you?
Woman : My daughter is sick. She is in the hospital now.
I have to take care her all way.
Man : ….
a. It’s okay.
b. That’s a good news.
c. That’s really fine.
d. That’s bad luck.
e. I’m glad to hear that.
Key : d
5. Transcription
Woman : What would you like to have for lunch ? I have chicken soup and corn soup. Which one do you like ?
Man : …………………………………..
Narrator : What would the man like to say ?
a. Well, I’d like to have lunch with you
b. It’s nice to have lunch with you
c. Well, I like chicken soup better
d. Don’t worry I’ll be there
Key : C
6. Transcription
Man : I want to relax. I have worked from morning to night.
Woman : Would you like to watch movie at 8 p.m?
Man : ….
a. I’d love to.
b. It’s not my hobby.
c. I’m sorry I can’t.
d. It’s good for you.
Key : a
7. Transcription
Man : You look need something.
Woman : I forget to bring my pen. Can I borrow it?
Man : ….
a. My pen is at home.
b. My pen was stolen
c. My pen is red.
d. Sorry, I’m using it for my self.
Key : d
8. Transcription
Man : You look confused today.
Woman : I’ve got stomachaches. I want to go to the toilet.
May I go there?
Man : ….
a. You are sick.
b. Yes, please.
c. I go alone.
d. Take an aspirin.
Key : b
Man : Rita, Who does write this letter ?
Woman:I am, Sir. What happens with it ?
Man : You forget to use a big letter for the name`s of person.
Woman:I`m sorry, Sir. I`ll do well next time.
Man : …………………………………………
a. It`s great
b. That`s good idea
c. I`m dissatisfied with your work
d. Your job is very good
Key : c
10. Transcription
Man : Good morning, Nancy
Woman: Good Morning, Mr. Rusli
Man : Where does your husband work ?
Woman: He diagnoses some patients every morning. He also checks them in the poly.
He always wears a stethoscope
Narrator: Which one the pictures is suitable with the text above?
a. Picture(hotel)
b. Picture(hospital)
c. Picture(supermarket)
d. Picture(barber shop)
e. Picture(school)
Key : b
11. Text monologue
My friend, Wibowo is a bank clerk. He works for an International bank. Everyday, he serves the customers politely. He works so hard and he gets a good salary.
Which picture is suitable with the monologue?
a. Picture(clerk)
b. Picture(driver)
c. Picture(shepherd)
d. Picture(farmer)
e. Picture(teacher)
Key : a

12. Text monologue
What I like about squash is you get more exercise in half an hour than you get in two hours from any other sport, and you enjoy yourself in the process. I must be losing weight. I’ve played three times this week. I reckon I’ve sweated off a couple of pounds each time.
a. picture(playing squash)
b. picture(swimming)
c. picture(playing golf)
d. picture(playing football)
e. picture(cycling)
Key : a

Questions 13 to 15 refer to the following monologue
Hans Christian Anderson is a very famous author. He was born on April 2nd 1825. He used to be an unlucky Danish boy. He spent his childhood full of sadness. His father was only a poor shoemaker and his mother worked as washer woman. At age of 11, his father died.

13. What does the speaker talk about….
a. A famous author.
b. A poor shoemaker.
c. A Danish boy.
d. A washer woman.
e. A hard work mother.
Key : a
14. How was the life of Hans Christian Anderson?
a. Full of satisfaction
b. Full of sadness
c. Full of happiness.
d. Very disappointed.
e. Very painful.
Key : b
15. What happened to his family when he was 11 years old?
a. His mother died.
b. His brother died.
c. His grandmother died.
d. His father died.
e. His grandfather died.
Key : d

The text is for question 16 to 18
The best dog Contest
9 am, Sunday, 28 April 2009
The Esplanade
Registration open from 2 – 25 April 2009
Registration fee of $ 15 will be fully donated to The Animal Shelter Organization
Prizes :
1st Prize : $ 1000 & Trophy
2nd Prize : $ 500
3rd Prize : $ 200
20 Consolation prizes : $ 20 each
Prizes sponsored by Kenney’s Dog Food
Entry form,rules and regulations are available on any Kenney’s Dog Food packaging
Submit your entry to :
Kenney’s Dog Food

34 Tuas Road Singapore 739283
For enquiries, please call us at 62432938
16. When will the contest be held?
a. 2 April 2009
b. 8 April 2009
c. 28 April 2009
d. 25 April 2009
e. 20 April 2009
Key : c
17. How much will the third winner get?
a. $ 1000
b. $ 500
c. $ 200
d. $ 20
e. $ 10
Key : c
18. Who is the sponsor?
a. The Esplanade
b. The Animal Shelter Organization
c. Kenney’s Dog Food
d. Kenney
e. Tuas Road Singapore
Key : c

The following text is for questions 19, 20 and 21.
35 Manor Road
16th September
Dear Mr. Harrison,
Jamie is coming back to school on Monday and my husband has asked me to explain the situation to you. Jamie has recovered from his bout of bronchitis now, but the doctor told us to keep him home for a few more days to be on the safe side. We hope he hasn’t missed anything important since term began.
We would like to asked you to watched over him for while and not to let him take part in games or gymnastics for a week. This is on the doctor’s advice – I enclose a note from him. Jamie is so keen on games that he will try to play before he is fit enough, unless someone keeps an eye on him.
We have provided him will all clothes on the list except the red athletics vests and the blue shorts. He has already grown out of last year’s pair, but we only discovered this yesterday and the local shop doesn’t have any in the stock. I shall get some next week and forward them by post.
We were very pleased that Jamie took to boarding – school life so well in his first year, and we trust he will continue to be happy. We are both very grateful to you for being so helpful last year, and we look forward to having another talk with you at the parent – teacher meeting next month.
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Williams

19. What is the letter about? Mrs. Williams asks Mr. Harrison ….
a. To buy a red athletics vests and blue shorts for Jamie.
b. To bring Jamie to a doctor regularly
c. To be more concern with Jamie’s health.
d. To allow Jamie in attending the gymnastics class.
e. To have a meeting next month.
Key : c
20. Why can Jamie not bring his red athletics vest and blue shorts with him?
a. Because her mother doesn’t want him to join any sport club or class for several days.
b. Because the shop doesn’t have his size and they must wait for several days.
c. Because there is no shop in their town.
d. Because Jamie is not fit to join any sport club or class for several days.
Key : b
21. “ …Jamie took to boarding – school life….”
The underlined word has the same meaning as ….
a. Nest.
b. Dorm.
c. Canteen.
d. Wooden class.
e. International.
Key :b

The following text is for questions 22 to 24
Joyful and health with
Vitacee 500
Sweetlets Vitamin C
As professionals you need to appear joyful and healthy.
For this, you need an adequate amount of vitamin C.
Vitacee 500 replaces vitamin C contents in blood
Blood due to smoking or sucking cigarette smoke.
Helps in absorbing iron for the prevention of anemia.
Available in three fresh flavors : lemon, strawberry, and grapes.

22. What makes vitacee important for professionals?
a. It consists of three flavors.
b. It is available in any drugstore.
c. It provides sufficient amount of vitamin C.
d. It is not appropriate to bad smoker.
e. It may cause anemia.
Key : C
23. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To describe a sweetlest vitamin C.
b. To explain how vitacee is made.
c. To entertain reader about vitamin C.
d. To present some points of view about vitacee.
e. To inform the importance of vitacee.
Key : E
24. “For this, you need an adequate amount of vitamin C.” The underlined word may be replaced by ….
a. Sufficient
b. Excessive
c. Large
d. Plentiful
e. Small.
Key : A

The following text is for question 25 to 28
The mouse was nibbling the cat left over by some picnickers when the cat came over and said the cake was his. The mouse stopped argued with the cat.
The duck walked past, saw the cake and said, “That’s was my cake.” Then came along the chicken, followed by the lamb. All of them said that the cake belonged to them. While they were quarrelling, an army of ants carried the cake away.
“Where’s my cake?” the mouse screamed. “You took my cake!” the mouse said to the cat. The cat turn to the duck called him a thief. The animals had a big fight over the cake.
In the meantime, the ants had taken the cake to their hiding place and were enjoying the cake. “Yummy! Isn’t the cake a real treat?” one ant asked. Hearing the question, all of the other ants burst out laughing.

25. The story mainly tells us about….
a. The mouse and the ants.
b. The cake and small ants.
c. The mouse and the duck.
d. The chicken and the cake.
e. The mouse and the picnickers.
Key : B
26. Why did they fight over the cake?
a. The cake was very delicious.
b. The duck hid the cake.
c. The mouse ate all the cake.
d. Each of them wanted the cake.
e. The cake belonged to the chicken.
Key : D
27. The purpose of the text is to ….
a. Tell the taste of the cake.
b. Inform how delicious the cake is.
c. Entertain readers about a narrative story.
d. Amuse readers with the information.
e. Persuade readers not to quarrel.
Key : C
28. “…,all of the other ants burst out laughing.”
The underlined phrase can be replaced by….
a. Blew up.
b. Called up.
c. Set up.
d. Built up.
e. Worn out.
Key : A

The following text is for question 29 to 31
SEMARANG. The police thought that two burglars started the robbery at 151 Pattimura street on Sunday afternoon. The burglars broke into the student’s room while they were going to a football game. They never thought that while they were away, burglars would break into their boarding house

29. What is the text about?
a. Some students who’s having a football game.
b. The police arrested some burglars.
c. Some burglars broke into the students’ room.
d. Some policemen robbed at 151 Pattimura street.
e. The students caught the burglars.
Key : C
30. The students seem to think that ….
a. They had locked their room.
b. Their boarding house was not safe.
c. There would be a robbery in their boarding house.
d. Their boarding house was in a safe area.
e. There would easily break into their room.
Key : D
31. ‘The burglars broke into the students’ room ….”
The underlined phrase means….
a. Broke forcefully.
b. Entered by force.
c. Put into pieces.
d. Easily entered.
e. Came into.
Key : B

The following text is for number 32-35

When Tom decided to go on holiday to England, he wrote a friend of his who was living in London and asked if he could meet him at the airport. The friend wrote back to say that he would be there. So Tom was surprised when he reached the airport to find that his friend not turned up.
He walked around a short while and then, because he had a slight headache, went into the restaurant and had a cup of strong, black coffee. After that he left much better. He bought a couple of magazines at the bookstall and went into the lounge to read them. He felt sure that his friend would come fairly soon, though he was beginning to get worried.
He had just started to read his magazine when his friend arrived with a young lady. Tom’s friend apologized for being late and explained what had happened. Apparently, he had arranged to meet the young lady at six o’clock, just outside the underground station not far from where he was living. The young lady, who had only traveled on the underground once before, had set out in good time but unfortunately she had got on a train going in the wrong direction. She traveled for several stops before she realized this, because the train was very crowded and she could not see the names of the stations. By the time she got the right station, she was nearly three quarters of an hour late.

32. What is the author’s main point in third paragraph?
a. Tom’s friend apologized for being late.
b. Tom met the young lady at the station.
c. Tom met his friend and a young lady.
d. Tom knew the young lady.
e. Tom and his friend met a young lady.
Key : C
33. Tom went to the restaurant because… .
a. He made the appointment there.
b. He was tired of walking.
c. He needed some meals.
d. He wanted to read magazine there.
e. He has a slight headache.
Key : E
34. …just outside the underground station… . What does the underlined word mean?
a. first floor
b. basement
c. the lowest floor
d. railway
e. waiting room
Key : B
35. What is the topic of the text above?
a. failed appointment
b. waiting moment
c. successful appointment
d. unsuccessful appointment
e. late appointment
Key : E

The following text is for number 36-38
Magazine is a collection of articles or stories published at regular intervals. Most magazines are sometimes also called periodicals and those that deal with academic subject are called journals.
Magazines provide wide variety of information, opinion, and entertainment. For example, they ay cover current events and fashions, discuss foreign affairs or describe how to repair appliances or prepare food. Subject addressed in magazines include business, cultural, current affairs, hobbies, medicine, politics, religion, science and sports. Some magazines seek simply to entertain their readers with fiction, poetry, photograph, cartoons, or articles, about television shows or film stars.

36. What is the main idea of the text?
a. The variety of magazines.
b. The variety of content in magazines.
c. The function of magazines.
d. The classification of magazines.
e. The information in magazines.
Key : E
37. The magazine text deal with academic subject is called….
a. periodicals
b. fortnightly
c. paper
d. journals
e. catalogue
Key : E
38. What is the purpose of the text?
a. to inform the readers about magazines.
b. to describe magazines in generic.
c. to persuade the readers to read magazines.
d. to entertain the readers with magazines’ content.
e. to present two points of view about magazines.
Key : B

The following text is for number 39-40
Mangrove Trees
A mangrove is tropical marine tree or shrub of the genus Rhizhopora. Mangroves have special serial roots and salt-filtering tap roots that enable them to thrive in brackish water (brackish water is salty, but not as salty as sea water).
There are several species of mangrove trees found all over the world. Some prefer more salinity, while others like to be very close to a large fresh water source (such as river). Some prefer areas that are sheltered from waves. Some species have their roots covered with sea water everyday during high tide. Other species grow on a dry land, but are still part of the ecosystem.
Mangroves need to keep their trunk and leaves above the surface of the water. Yet they also need to be firmly attached to the ground so they are not moved by waves. There are three types of the mangrove roots that play an important role for it:
1. Support roots which directly pierce the soil.
2. Level-growing roots which twist upwards and downwards, with the upward twist emerging on the water surface.
3. Level-growing roots whose downward twist (sub roots) appear on the water surface.
Any part of a root that appears above the water flows oxygen to the plant under the water surface. As the soil begins to build up, these roots produce additional roots that become embedded in the soil.

39. What is the topic of the text above?
a. The characteristics of mangroves
b. Mangroves living
c. The kinds of mangroves
d. mangroves’ adaptation
e. mangroves’ ecosystem
Key : D
40. From the text above, we know that mangroves get the oxygen from….
a. the whole roots it has.
b. all parts of its body.
c. the part of the root above the water.
d. the level-growing roots.
e. the support roots.
Key : C
41. …that become embedded in the soil…. What does the underlined word mean?
a. stick
b. planted
c. grew
d. appeared
e. grounded
Key : B
42. The function of special roots and salt-filtering tap roots is….
a. to enable them to thrive in salty water.
b. to enable them to thrive in muddy area.
c. to enable them to thrive in brackish water.
d. to enable them to thrive in dry area.
e. to enable them to thrive in fresh water.
Key : C

The following text is for number 43-45

Bio fuel is very much needed now
Bio fuel is an alternative energy that does not use fossil energy. And now in the world, bio fuel is very needed for many reasons.
First, fossil fuel become rare now. Fossil fuel has been exploited all over the world. Where as, to make fossil fuel we need at least an hundred million years. So how we must live without fuel until an hundred million years later.

Second, many people have found many bio fuel, especially in Indonesia scientists have found many kinds of bio fuel, such as biogas (fuel from animal feces), “banyu geni” (fuel from water), bio ethanol (fuel from plants) and others. So for what if we don’t use it, whereas now fossil fuel become rare and more.

Third, bio fuel is cheaper than fossil fuel. From the founders of many kinds of bio fuel, they said that bio fuel is cheaper than fossil fuel. It is because bio fuel doesn’t use many sophisticated equipments and processes. And both of quality is the same.
From the reasons above, we conclude that we must use bio fuel to change fossil fuel that now we use. Because bio fuel is more renewable and cheaper than fossil fuel.
(M. Yanuar, XII science 4 – 08)

43. Many people have found much bio fuel; especially in Indonesia is the main idea of paragraph …….
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 5
44. From the reasons above, we conclude that we must use bio fuel to change fossil fuel that now we use (paragraph 5, line 1-2) is ….. of the analytical text above.
a. recommendation
b. reorientation
c. orientation
d arguments
e. conclusion
45. And now in the world, bio fuel is very needed for many reasons.
The synonym of the underlined word is ….
a. map
b. solar
c. design
d. galaxy
e. universe
46. Which statement is not correct?
a. Now in the world, bio fuel is very needed for many reasons.
b. Bio fuel is the only energy that does not use fossil energy
c. Fossil fuel has been exploited all over the world.
d. Bio fuel is cheaper than fossil fuel
e. Fossil fuel become rare now

Regarding toxic ingredient in cooking, people usually assume that Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a potentially toxic food additive. But actually there is no study which has proven it. The fact is that MSG is still being researched to understand what effect the rise in serum glutamate will have post-MSG consumption.

No study has provided a clear demonstration that MSG as a food additive is either harmful or safe. Glutamate is common in many foods such as cheese, peas, and meat. Research has indicated that dietary of glutamate currently used as an additive to food have shown no significant health risk and such MSG is not considered a toxic substance by the US Food and Drug Administration.
However, it does not alleviate MSG of its possibly in food-borne illness. It is a subject of a great deal of research. Many studies have demonstrated toxicity in laboratory animals when MSG was ingested at a high level.

In a nut shell, without sufficient research, one would never adequately determine, but one thing is absolutely for certain, one can not predict the potential effect on one’s psychology when any chemically derived additive is consumed. The only true safeguard for food safety is adequately funded and established oversight of food production and distribution.

46. The main idea of the second paragraph is ….
a. MSG as a food additive is either harmful or safe.
b. The fact is that MSG is still being researched to understand.
c. Many studies have demonstrated toxicity in laboratory animals
d. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a potentially toxic food additive.
e. In a nut shell, without sufficient research, one would never adequately
47. What is a subject of a great deal of research?
a. MSG
b. Meat
c. Peas
d. Food
e. Cheese
48. Which statement is correct?
a. MSG means Monosodium Glutamate
b. No study has demonstrated toxicity in laboratory animals
c. DEA is not considered a toxic substance is not considered a toxic substance
d. Many studies have provided a clear demonstration that MSG as a food additive.
e. One can not predict the potential effect on one’s psychology when any chemically derived additive is consumed.

The following text is for questions 49 to 50

Federal Bank
55510 East Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-5498
To: Front Street Theater, Reservations
From Canstance Hekler, Events Coordinator
Date: October 25,
Pages: 1
Ref: Holiday party
I saw your advertisement in this week’s Business Journal. I am interested in renting your theater for Federal Bank’s annual employee party.
We have set the date for our party as Sunday, December 20. Is the theater available then? We prefer the lunch and afternoon show. There will be 325 guests.
Please fax the menu, a description of the shows, and the price list to me. And let me know about the availability of dates in December.
Thank you.

49. What is included in a visit to the theater?
a. Meeting the chef
b. Talking with the actors
c. Touring the theater
d. Selecting shows’
e. presenting papers
50. I saw your advertisement ………
What does the reference of the underlined word?
a. Employee party
b. Federal Bank
b. Holiday Party
c. Week’s Business journal
d. Canstance Hekler, Events Coordinator
e. Front Street Theater, Reservation


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