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Prediksi dan Kunci Soal UN US Bahasa Inggris kelas 3 SMA TA 2013/2014

Dear all,
Good acting and good story make a play ibnteresting. It is equally important to make it as realisttic as possible with suitable costumes, props and sets. Be creative but don't forget to have fun.
Good luck!

1.   "It is equally important to make it as realisttic as possible with suitable costumes,"
The underlined word refers to . . . .
B.a play
E.a story

2.   What is the text about?
A.The writers complaint to the actors.
B.The direction of making good acting.
C.Steps on how to make a play interesting.
D.Advice to make the play realistic and interesting.
E.A motivation to make the actors work harder.

To All Third Grade Stuidents
All libraries books have to be returned on the twenty-second of May 2012. They should be covered with non-colorful wrapping plastic. Lost book must be replaced with the ones of similar subjects. Fine will be charged to the late return of the books. Students who have handed back all the books will get receipts that have to be submitted to to the administration officers.

Library staff

3.   What is informed on the announcement?
A.A request to return library books
B.The subjects of library books.
C.A compulsory to replace lost books.
D.The library administration officers.
E.Submission of receipts.

4.   What will happens if the book you borrowed is lost?
A.You will get receipts.
B.It should be covered with non-colorful plastic.
C.The librarian will be fined by a certain amount of money.
D.You should cover the book with wrapping plastic.
E.It should be replaced with a similar book.

                              EFFECTIVE MICROORGANISMS 4
                          ORGANIC FERMENTATION BACTERIA
                          TO INCREASE CATTLE PRODUCTIVITY

Em-4  is a mixture of microorganisms that give the benefit for cattle growth and product.
1. To decrease smell pollution.
2. To balance mutual microorganisms
3. To increase the quality and quantity of cattle product.
How to use:
1. To get satisfying result, dissolve 1cc EM-4 per liter of water every day.
2. Spray 1cc EM per liter of water every week on the floor, wall and manure.

                                           Agent: PT. Songgolangit
                                                Persada jakarta
                               Distributor: Ki Hajar Dewantara 46
                                           Phone: (021) 7894529

5.   This text tells us about . . .
C.cattle product address
E.the use of EM-4

6.   One of the benefit of the product is . . .
A.for growing cattle bacteria
B.for increasing smell pollution
C.for producing cattle manure and organic fermentation
D.for increasing microorganism
E.for increasing the quality and quanty of cattle product

7.   what will you do to get satisfying result?
A.Dissolve 1cc EM-4 per liter of water every two days.
B.Dissolve 4cc EM-1 per liter of water every week.
C.Dissolve 1cc EM-4 per liter of water every week.
D.Dissolve 4cc EM-1 per liter of water per day.
E.Dissolve 1cc EM-4 per liter of water every day.

                                            Spanish Thief Saw Himslef as
                                               Robin Hood-like Bandit

Madrid (Reuters) - Spain's most wanted thief, The Loner, saw himslef as a Robin Hood-style figure and said he robbed banks only because the stole money from public, his lawyer said Tuesday.
     Accused of killing three policemen and holding up more than 30 banks, Jaime Jimenez Arbe was planning to move on to insurance companies when he was arreted last month, Spanish media reported, citing lawyer Jose Mariano Trillo-Figueroa.
     "I am not a killer and if I was obliged to shoot at officers of the law, it was always against my will and in order to avoid being arrested, "Jimenez said in a letter reproduced on the websites of newspapers El Pais and El Mundo. Trillo-Figueroa, said Jimenez, who robbed the banks disguised in a false beard and a wig, think of himself as Curro Jimenez, a Spanish 1970s television bandit in the sstyle of Robin Hood.
      The Loner was arrested in Portugal, armed with a submachine gun in preparation for another bank robbery - Reuters.

8.   What is the text about?
A.The websites of newspaper EI Pais and EI Mundo
B.Spanish media reporter, Jose Mariano Trillo-Figueroa
C.The arresting of Spains's most wanted thief in Portugal
D.A submachine gun in preparation for another bank robbery
E.A Spanish 1970s television bandit in the style of Robin Hood

9.   . Before being arrested, Jaime Jimenez Arbe . . . in Spain
A.had just robbed a policeman.
B.had robbed 30 banks
C.would have killed three officers of the law
D.Had robbed insurance companies
E.had been working for companies

10.   The reason why"The Loner" robbed the banks is because . . . .
A.his lawyer helped him
B.he was the most wanted thief in Spain
C.he was accused of killing three policemen
D.he lieved that the banks stole money from the public
E.he was himself as a Robin Hood-style figure

11.   "Trilo-Figueroa, said Jimenez, who robbed the banks disguised in a false beard and a wig .... (Paragraph 3)
The underlined word "disguised" means . . . .
A.changed appearance
B.reduced confidence
C.damaged reputation to view
E.made known

       If you get up early in the morning, you will see an unusual sight. In city parks and in city streets, lots of boys and girls and men and women are already up and busy, but are not working or going anywhere. They are exercising. Some are playing football or badminton and some others are jogging. What is jogging?
       Jogging is a gentle running. Why is jogging so popular today? Why do people jog? People jog to relax themselves, to keep themselves fit or simply to enjoy themsleves. Our world today is a world where life is comfortable and easy for many city people. Fast buses, cars or motorcycles take us to  work or to school. Lifts carry us quickly from one floor to another large buildings. So many people get very little exercise.
       What do you need to start jogging? You only need a pair of running shoes, an old pair of jeans or shorts, a sweater and a little courage. Don't  be embarrassed if you meet your neighbor as you return home, hot and tired. When you begin to jog, start running some of the way and then walking. Don't jog too far to begin with and jog slowly. Once you develop a regualr jogging program, you will feel fit and well, and you will be ready to start a busy day feeling fresh and awake.
       Next time you are at the swimming pool, look at the people around you, especially those who are over thirty. How many of them have a fat stomach? Now you understand why mote people today go jogging or do some other sort of exercises.

12.   Which of the following titles is suitable for the text above?
A.An Easy and Cheap Sport
B.To Lose stomach Fat
C.Having a comfortable Life
D.Jogging, a gentle Running
E.City Park

13.   What will a jogger feel after having a regular jogging program?
A.Well and fit
B.strong and fat
C.fat and clumsy
D.weak and stressed
E.Tired and exhausted

14.   From the text we know that . . . .
A.jogging program means extra exercise for city people
B.jogging will need extra sport equipment to use
C.people get many execises in eassy and comfortable life
D.jogging can make people relax
E.the neoghbor will embarrassing to see us jogging

15.   The communicative purpose of the text is . . . . show the steps of jogging analyze what jogging is discuss about jogging see of jogging works tell what jogging is

16.   " .... you will see an unusual sight." (Paragraph 1)
What is the synonym of the underlined word?

       Anybody who is over the age of six knows that there is nowhere safe for skateboarders to skate. This prevents young people from enjoying an active energetic and adventurous pastime.
      Just watch a local street for a short while and note the steady streams of skaters speeding up and down the footpaths. Toddlers can be trampled on and old ladies can be knocked down as they struggle home carrying their cat food from supermarkets. Thunderous rattles are heard on our main roads each night as skaters travel without light and without signs to oncoming cars.
       Skateboarding is a serious sport that improves young people's health. It increases fitness, improves balance and strengthens the joints in knees and ankles. Although it appears to be a solo sport, when groups practice together and compete to perform stunts or runs they form firm friendships. Young people should be prevented from becoming overweight couch potatoes. If they are actively involved in skating, they do not smoke, take drugs or break laws for fun.
       Kids will always seek thrills and excitement. They need to practice their 180s, 360s and Ollie's free from restrictions. We must build skate parks in the suburbs so that streets are safe for small children and senior citizens and skaters have space where they can race, chase, speed and soar towards the sun.

17.   Where do the kids usualy ride their skateboard? the main roads and footpaths. front of the supermarkets. front of their homes the suburbs the parks

18.   What is the main idea of paragraph 3?
A.There is no safe place skateboarders
B.Kids seek an excitement in skate.
C.The goodness of skateboarding.
D.skateboarding is a serious sport.
E.How to prevent overweight by skateboarding

19.   The writer's purpose in writing the text is . . . invite the local teenagers to skate in a park built specifically for skaters convince the readers that they need a safe place for skaters to skate
C.To provoke youngsters into the local government policy promote the writer's business of skateboarding class inform parents about the goddness of skateboarding

20.   What must we do to let the skaters play?
A.Join them everywhere
B.Give them space in the park
C.Let them play in the main roads
D.Let them play in the local streets
E.Build a skate park in the suburb

21.   " They need to practice their 180s and 360s and Ollie's free from restrictions" (Paragraph 5).
The synonym of the underlined word is . . . .

       Kang Choi Hwan was born into a loyal family that had once lined in the large Korean community of Japan. In Kyoto, his grandfather habd been supporter of KimII Sung, North korean's Great Leader since 1945. In 1961 the grandfather returned with his family to North korea and had important government post.
       Within months, however, he was complaining to friends that North korea was no the country he had expected. He was shocked to see so much poverty, which he eventually came to blame on the government'a stifling grip on the economy. One morning in July 1977 when the Kang was nine, his grandfather left for work and never returned.
       A few weeks later, seven plain clothes security guard stormed into Kang's house.  "Your grandfather betrayed the fatherland," one of the men stated. "You must be punished."
       Kang's parents and grandmother sobbed as they forced to pack their belongings into two army trucks. The family was driven off, but Kang's mother was left behind, spared because her own father was regarded as a revolutionary hero. That was the last Kang ever saw her.

22.   What was the reason for Kang's grandfather never returned to Kang's house?
A.A supporter of Kim II sung
B.Accused of betraying North Korea
C.Regarded as a hero
D.As an important person in Korea
E.Forced kang's family to leave their homeland

23.   What is mainly discussed in the last paragraph?
A.The last minute's Kang gathered with his mother
B.The day Kang ever saw his grandma and grandpa
C.The moment Kang's father was regarded as a hero
D.The last day Kang's parents and his grandma sobbed
E.The sad moment when Kang's parents meet grandma

24.   Why did Kang's grandfather disappear?
A.He went for work and went somewhere else
B.He returned to North korea
C.He was supporter of Kim II Sung
D.He went to government's office
E.He was kidnapped and punished by the security guards

25.   "A few weeks later, seven plain clothes security guard stormed into Kang's house." The underlined word means . . .

       It was the dawn of science and technology. Anything seemed possible even the creation of life itself. Victor Frankenstein  becomes obsessed with this idea and works relentlessly to prove his theories; but the glory he imagined becomes a living nightmare - not only for him, but for hos friends and family too.
       Mary Sheley's ghotic horo story -frankenstein - was first published in 1818 and has been the inspiration behind numerous stage productions and films - many of which strayed a long way away from her original masterpiece. Classical comic presenting a full-colored graphic remains true to this classic tale, bringing the original story to life which has never benn created before.
      This graphic novel is available  in two versions: Original Text and Quick Text editions. The Original Text stays faifhful to Shelley's original text, while the Quick Text brings the story up to date by presenting the text into a more simplified style so that the tale is accessible to all readers.
       The quick Text edtion will allow you to soak up a general feeling for characters and locations, while the Original Text version will  help you easily slip into the language in which the novel was written.
       Even if you're not studying the original, this graphic novel is worth buying. It's a great story, and should be one that everyone has the chance to read. Now, thanks to this release, even  those who don't particularly like to read too much are given the chance to find this tale and hopefully it may encourage them to search out the original book too.
       As with the previous classical comics, the presentation is first class. The best grade glossy paper really helps to set this graphic novel head and shoulders above the usual comic book releases on the market. Not only, that you also get a pretty comprehensive biography of Shelley; Mary Shelley's family Tree; a feature that explains what life was like in the year of the book's release; and a brief
       Look on how Frankenstein has been adapted to many different formats over the years.

26.   The text is abouot . . . .
A.The Quick Text and the Original text of Frankenstein
B.the simplified text of the updated horror story
C.the horror story written by Frankenstein
D.the original text of the author's novel
E.the updated of classical horror story

27.   The simple way to understand the story is to read . . . .
A.the Original Text
B.classic comics
C.the Quick Text
D.the Original book
E.the author's biography

28.   The main idea of the third paragraph is . . . .
A.Victor Frankenstein wrote his story with gothic horror style
B.there are two versions of graphic novel to enjoy
C.the different version of Frankenstein story is always an inspiration for drama and film production
D.the simplified novel has more interesting pictures for readers to understand
E.Mary Shelley had two different versions of Frankenstein story adapted for film

29.   The original text of Frankenstein graphic story makes the readers . . . .
A.understand the style of writing when the novel was written
B.curious about the historical background of the story
C.recognize the different life of Frankenstein story
D.Have the inspiration to put the story to a film and drama products
E.remind the life of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein

30.   " ....many of which strayed a long way away from ..." (Pragaraph 2)
The underlined word can be replaced with . . . .

       Male chauvinism (men's believe in male superiority) extends even into the area of automobile driving, it seems. They believe that theyare far better drivers than women. Men consider women drivers incompetent, inattentive and even dangerous behind the wheel.
       However, statistics prove that women are, in fact, safer drivers than men. For example, insurance rates for women are 20 percent than they are for men. Another proof is that more accidents are caused by male drivers between the ages of 18 annd 25 than by any other groups. Also the greater percentage of accident involving death is caused by men. Although women are criticized for being too cautious, they are really just being safe drivers.
       The reason for women driver's safer habits can perhaps be  found in the differing attitudes of sexes toward automobiles as a convenience, like a washing machine.
       On the other hand, men regard the automobile as an extension of their egos. Using it as a weapon when they feel particularly aggressive or using it as a status symbol.
       In all, women are safer drivers because of their attitude. Men can learn to become safe drivers if they adopt the attitude that an automobile is merely a convenience.

31.   The text is about . . . .
A.road accidents
B.women attitude towars automobile
C.male superiority in automobile driving
D.a comparison between men and women drivers
E.statistics about the number of road accidents

32.   In term of car accidents, the statistic proves that car accidents caused by . . . . are higher that those of women are lower than that of women are as high as that of women
D.women are equal to that of men
E.women are the same as that of omen

33.   Which of the following you don't agree about men drivers?
A.They are safe and carefull drivers.
B.The cause more accidents than women.
C.They consider themselves to be competent drivers
D.They feel that using a car shows status of symbol.
E.They regard automobiles as an extension of their egos.

34.   We can understand from the text that . . . . always criticize women for their bad driving attitude
B.women show their egos by aggressive driving
C.the statistic shows women drive the car carelessly
D.young women drivers get many accdents underestimate women

35.   "Men consider women drivers incompetennt, inattentive and even dangerous behind the wheel." (Paragraph 1)
The underlined word means . . . .



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