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Prediksi UN Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/SMK/MA TA 2015/2016

Prediksi UN Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/SMK/MA TA 2015/2016


Text 1
Dear Mr. Offand and Ms. Fowler

I am writing to remind you that our annual meeting will be on Tuesday, April 18. I want everyone to be
ready with ideas, strategies, and sales forecast for next year. I will be out of town attending a conference
on the new products of LCD projectors in' Osaka, Wednesday and Thursday. Remember that next
Monday is a-holiday. Therefore, should you have something urgent to discuss, please see me on Friday,
April 14.
Thank you
Mr. Busse.

1. Why did Mr. Busse write the letter?
a. To tell them about the new products of LCD.
b. To remind the sales staff about their annual meeting.
c. To discuss something very urgent about a conference.
d. To ask Mr. Off and Ms. Fowler to see him on Friday, April 14t:
e. To invite for meeting in Osaka

2. What might the sales staff do after reading the letter?
They might ...
a. plan how to spend the extended weekend
b. display the new products of LCD projectors
c. see Mr. Busse before he leaves for the conference
d. think about strategies and sales forecast for next year
e. Join Mr. Busse to Osaka

Text 2
The Tyrant Who Became a Just Ruler
In the olden times there was a king who was so cruel and unjust toward his subjects that he was always called The Tyrant. So heartless was he that his people used to pray night and day that they might have a new king. 
One day, much to their surprise, he called his people together and said to them, "My dear subjects, the days of my tyranny are over. Henceforth, you shall live in peace and Happiness, for I have decided to try my rule henceforth justly and well."
The King kept his words so well that soon he was known throughout the land as The Just King. By and by one of his favorites came to him said, "Your Majesty, I beg you to tell me how it was that you had this change of heart towards your people."
And the King replied, "As I was galloping through my forests one afternoon, I caught sight of a hound chasing a fox. The fox escaped into his hole, but not until he had been bitten by the dog so badly that he would be lame for life. The hound, returning home, met a man who threw a stone at him, which broke his leg. And the horse, starting to run, fell into a hole and broke his leg. Here I came to my senses, and resolved to change my rule. 'For surely,' I said to myself,' he who does evil will sooner or later be overtaken by evil."
3. Which of the statements is TRUE?
a. The king was chased by a fox.
b. The king's behaviour never changed.
c. The man was thrown with a stone by a hound.
d The king's subjects hated him when he was a tyrant.
e. In the olden times the King was loved by his subjects.
4. Paragraph two tells us that the King ....
a. never ended the day of his tyranny

b. showed his surprise to his subjects

c. decided to rule his subjects unjustly
d. warned his subjects to obey his rules
e changed his behaviour and became a just ruler
5. The communicative purpose of this text is .. 
a. to criticize a work of art 
b. to share an account of unusual or amusing incidents with others
c. to describe particular person 
d. to entertain and deal with actual or vicarious experience
e. to describe how something is accomplished
6. The organization of the text above is ....
a. Goal, Material, Steps

b. Identification, Description

c. Newsworthy event, Background Event, Sources
d. Orientation, Crisis, Reaction, Coda, Reflection
e Orientation, Complication, Resolution, Reorientation
7. To show the real words of the speakers, the writer uses ....
a. passive voice b. direct speech c. reported speech d .simple past tense e. simple present tense

Text 3
When my father told us that we were going to spend seven days at Lake Toba, I was so happy that I did know what to say.
Finally, the day arrived. We left Singapore on a Singapore International Airlines flight to Medan. The magnificent view from the plane was so breathtaking that I do not know how to describe it. We touched down at the grand Medan airport an hour late. My uncle was waiting to takes us to the beautiful town at Parapat, one hundred and seventy-six kilometres away.
By the tune we reached Parapat, it was already late. Lake Toba's moonlight was absolutely mesmerizing. As lake Toba is nine hundred and ten metres above sea-level, I enjoyed the fresh mountain air. We checked in at a huge bungalow-type hotel.
The next morning, we rose early to watch the beautiful sunrise. Cameras cliked frequently to capture the breathtaking scenery before us. We enjoyed exellent facilities for swimming, -boating, fishing and water-skiing. In fact, there were so many thing to do that I could not decide which to try fist.
After breakfast, my uncle brought us around the town. We were impressed by the exquisite hand crafts and politeness of the local people. There were so many impressive souvenirs that we did not know what to buy our beloved ones back home.
In the evening, we went to watch beautiful cultural show. We enjoyed the rhythm of the songs and joined the pretty Batak singers in chorus.
Before leaving for Medan airport, we went for a last round of shopping. All too soon, we were back in Singapore. I am indeed grateful to my uncle and the people in Lake Toba for this beautiful experience.
8. The text tells us about....
a. Annoying experience.
b. Leaving for Singapore.
c. Singapore International Airlines.
d. Impressive Souvenir.
e. Beautiful Trip.
9. Which of the following information is not true according to the text?
a. The magnificent view 5rom the plane was breathtaking.
b. Lake Toba is about nine hundred and ten metres above the sea-level.
C. The local people are polite.
d. We found lack facilities for water sport.
e. Before leaving for Medan Airport, we went shopping.
10. There were ....Water sport facilities available in Lake Toba.
a. Three d. Five
b. Four e. Nine
c. Seven
11. The distance from Medan Airport to Prapat is … .
a. Nine hundred and ten kilometers.
b. More than two hundreds kilometers.
c. Less than seven days flight to Singapore.
d. Two hundred and sixty seven kilometers.
e. Less than two hundreds Kilometres.
12. There were so many impressive souvenirs that we did not 
know what to buy our beloved ones back home.
(Paragraph 5). The underlined word has closest meaning with ….
a. antique b. modern c. interesting d. expensive e. luxurious
Text 4
One day I asked Mary to do an exercise on the blackboard. When she got to the front of the room, everybody began laughing. Mary would usually take any opportunity to get a laugh, so I was always on guard. This time, though, I really couldn't see what was so funny. Then I noticed her stockings. She was wearing one red stocking and one blue one.
"What unusual stockings," I remarked casually to Mary, hoping to stop the laughter by getting in on the joke.
"I'm so glad you like them," Mary said seriously. I have another pair at home just like them."
I saw that this delighted the class even more. I've decided not to call on Mary again for some time.
13. Which statement is Not True about Mary?
a. Mary was a student.
b. Mary was the teacher's idol.
c. Mary usually did something funny.
d. Mary liked to laugh in her teacher's, face.
e. Mary often made her teacher not be able to cope with her jokes.
14. The main idea of the first paragraph is ....
a. Mary's class was always cheerful
b. Mary often laughed at her teacher
c. The teacher tried to stop Mary making jokes 
d. The teacher had a serious problem with Mary
e. Mary was a student who always did funny things
15. The function of the text is to... .
a. entertain the readers
b. retell Mary's activity
c. describe the writer's reactions
d. inform Mary about her stockings
e. persuade the readers to read this story
16. Which of the following shows the writer's solution to his/her problem?
a. I was always on guard.
b. Mary usually takes any opportunity to get a laugh.
c. I've decided not to call on Mary again for some time.
d. This time, though, I really couldn't see what was so funny.
e. One day I asked Mary to do an exercise on the blackboard.
17. To show the real words of the speakers, the writer uses
a. direct speech
b. passive voice
c. reported speech
d. simple past tense
e. simple present tense
18."What cild you do last night ?”.
A. The boy asked the girl what she was doing the previous night.
B. The boy asked the girl what she previous night.
C. The boy asked the girl what she has done the previous night. 
D. The boy asked the girl she had done the previous night.
19. The students ... in the workshop when a group of students from another province came to do comparative study.
A. practice
B. are practicing
C. have practiced
D. were practicing

20. The poor child thanked us for ... him food and money.
A. give
B. gave
C. giving
D. given


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