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Pembahasan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris 13-14 TA 2014/2015

The University of Australia
The University of Australia has an international reputation for educational professionals and for applied research. It is Australia's largest university, with six campuses, including a specialized technology campus. The university places particular importance on the
quality of its teaching and learning programs, and on its working links with industry, business and government.

1. The whole paragraph promotes that ...
A. the University of Australia offers excellent educational programs
B. the University of Australia is the largest university in the country
C. the University of Australia has a specialized technology campus
D. the university places particular importance on technology
E. the university has six campuses
Kunci : A
Pembahasan : inti suatu paragraf lazimnya dinyatakan pada kalimat pertama yaitu : “ the university of Australia has an international reputation for professionals and for applied research”

2. Which information is NOT TRUE about the University of Australia?
A. It has an international educational reputation,
B. It also has a specialized technology campus,
C. It has six technology campuses,
D. It is Australia's largest university,
E. It has good relation with industry.
Kunci : C
Pembahasan : untuk menjawab pertanyaan benar-salah baca setiap option, kemudian carilah kalimat diwacana yang menyatakan kesamaan informasi dengan opsi.
Option C bertentangan dengan informasi kedua karena di katakan universitas Australia memiliki 6 kampus. Sedangkan inforrmasi yang tertera dalam wacana yaitu Universitas Australia hanya memiliki 1 kamus.

3. It is stated that the university has good relationship with ...
A. educational professionals
B. specialized technology
C. large universities
D. other campuses
E. industry
Kunci: E
Pembahasan : seperti yang diinformasikan kalimat terakhir bahwa Universitas tersebut memiliki hubungan baik dengan kalangan industri (industry)

4. "The University of Australia has an international educational reputation for ..."
The underlined word means ...
A. knowledge
B. prestige
C. attitude
D. character
E. interest
Kunci : B
Pembahasan : kata reputation yang memiliki arti ‘nama baik’ bersinonim prestige.

The police thought that two burglars started the robbery at 151 Pattimura street on Sunday afternoon. The burglars broke into the students' room while they were going to a football game. They never thought that while they were away, burglars would break into their boarding house.

5. What happened to the students' room on Sunday afternoon?
A. The police broke it.
B. The police ruined it.
C. Burglars broke into it.
D. Two burglars broke it.
E. The students started to ruin it.
Kunci : C
Pembahasan : seperti diinformasikan kalimat pertama dan kedua bahwa yang terjadi dikamar siswa pada hari Minggu pagi adalah para perampok masuk ke ruang tersebut. ( the bulgar broke into the student’s room)

6. The burglars broke into the room when the students ...
A. were at a party
B. were taking a rest
C. were playing football
D. were at a football game
E. were watching football on TV
Kunci : D
Pembahasan :diinformasikan bahwa para perampok masuk ke kamar kost siswa saat para siswa sedang pergi kepertandingan sepakbola ( the students were at the football game)

7. "The burglars broke into the students room ..." The underlined phrase means ...
A. broke forcefully
B. entered by force
C. put into pieces
D. easily entered
E. came into
Kunci : B
Pembahasan : idiom broke into, yang memiliki arti “ maksud dengan paksa” bermakna sama dengan kata entered by force


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