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Prediksi Kunci Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2 (XI) SMA Semester 2 UAS 2 2013/2014

One day a fox was bragging to a cat. "I'm so smart. I know a lot of tricks, I know a hundred different ways to escape from my enemies."
"That's wonderful!" said the cat. "I only know one trick. Can you teach me some of yours?" "Well, may be," said the fox.
At the moment they heard a pack of wild dogs running toward them. The cat ran up a tree and disappeared. "This is the trick, I told you about, said the cat. "It's my only one. Which trick are you going to use?"
The fox sat there trying to decide which trick to use. He thought for a long time. Then, decided to run. But it was too late. The wild dogs got there before he could run away and ate him up.

1. The main idea of paragraph I is that....
a. the fox was the cat's enemies
b. the fox was a boastful animal
c. the fox had a lot of enemies
d. there were many ways to escape from enemies 
e. the fox knew a lot of tricks to beat his enemies

2. What happened to the fox when some wild dogs ran toward him?
a. He sat still. d. He was killed by the wild dogs.
b. He climbed up the tree. e. He disappeared to avoid the wild dogs. 
c. He showed his only trick.

3. Which statement is TRUE according to the text? 
a. The cat was smarter than the fox.
b. The fox and the cat had the same tricks.
c. The fox could avoid the wild dogs running toward him. 
d. The fox had a hundred ways to escape from his enemies.
e. The fox could teach the cat how to escape from his enemies.

4. What could we learn from the fox?
a. A wise man will not easily be deceived.
b. People do not always think what they say.
c. Clever people do not need lengthy explanation.
d. To get the best in life, one must not easily contented.
e. A person's action are more important than what she/he says.

5. "At the moment they heard a pack of wild dogs running toward them." (par. 4) 
What does the word `they' refer to?
a. The wild dogs. d. The cat and the dogs.
b. The fox and the dogs. e. The fox, the cat and the dogs. 
c. The fox and the cat.

Some people have problem to sleep. Of course it will disturb their daily activities. Well, sleeping is very important for human beings. Did you know why?
You know, sleep is a simple and natural way of relaxation. After a good night's sleep, we wake up refreshed and relaxed. In sleep, we enter the different world of our fantasy. While we sleep, our sub¬conscious mind takes us on a trip and our tired mind is rested and relaxed. Every part of our body will have its rest. Further, the refreshment of our mind and body will increase the power and effectiveness of all our faculties.
Considering the importance of sleeping, I think we should have enough sleep. And if someone has a sleeping problem, he/she should find the cause and overcome it. Otherwise, it will have a bad impact on their activities during the day.

6. What is the text mainly about?
a. How long we should sleep every day. d. What happens while we are sleeping.
b. Some problems dealing with sleep. e. The refreshment of our mind and body.
c. The importance of sleep.

7. What is the simple and natural way of relaxation?
a. Playing a sport. d. Visiting a tourist resort.
b. Sleeping. e. Hanging out with friends.
c. Sighting.

8. The following are the reasons why sleep is a good way of relaxation, except...
a. We will wake up refreshed
b. Our tired mind is rested while sleeping
c. We enter a different world of our fantasy while sleeping 
d. We often have dreams while sleeping e. All parts of our body will rest while sleeping

9. What does the writer suggest that the readers should do?
a. We should relax when we lose our enthusiasm and feel ourselves miserable.
b. We should spend our spare time by sleeping. 
c. We should have enough sleep. 
d. We should sleep soundly. 
e. We should always relax.

10. "...feel ourselves miserable,...."
The opposite meaning of the word `miserable' is...
a. angry d. tired
b. frustration e. delightful 
c. shocked

Live Chicken for Dinner
A landowner from Seoul went to visit his farmer in the countryside and was treated to a grand dinner of boiled chicken.
In the course of the meal, the farmer's youngest son ran in, shouting, "There it is! He's eating the dead chicken."
The landowner thought that he had been served a long-dead chicken. So he put down his chopsticks and told the servant to clear the table, politely saying, "This is enough for me. My stomach can't take any more food."
Just then, the boy started eating the chicken's legs greedily, saying at the same time, "Oh, this is
really delicious."
"Why are you eating the dead chickens?" asked the surprised landowner. "Who eats live chickens?" replied the boy.

11. What is the text about?
a. A landowner from Seoul. 
b. A landowner an his farmer. 
c. A farmer's youngest son.
d. Having live chicken for dinner ,
e. A landowner who was tricked by his farmer's son.

12. what is the purpose or the text
a. To describe a particular thing. d. To explain something.
b. To tell past events with humorous twist. e. To show how to do something step by step. 
c. To entertain the readers.

13. How did the landowner tell the farmer that he had eaten enough food? 
a. Rudely. d. Angrily.
b. Politely. e. Friendly. 
c. Harshly.

14. Why did the boy shout "There it is! He's eating dead chicken" ? Because..
a. he wanted to eat live chicken.
b. He wanted to eat boiled chicken.
c. He wanted to make the man ashamed.
d. He wanted to eat the dead chicken with the man.
e. He didn't want the landowner to get stomachache because of the dead chicken.

15. "Just then, the boy started eating the chicken's legs greedily..." (par. 4) The underlined word can be replaced by ... a. safely d. gluttonously
b. carefully e. dangerously 
c. honestly

TEXT 4One day, Julian met his father and said his problem in a different way. "Dad, would you like to save some money?" asked Julian. His father replied, "I certainly would, son, any suggestions?" " Sure, Why not buy me a bike, then I won't wear my shoes out so fast?" explained Julian.

16. What did Julian actually want?
a. New shoes. d. A saving account. 
b. A new bike. e. A new school bag. 
c. Some money.

17. Which of following statements is true based on the text? 
a. Julian's shoes are worn out so fast.
b. Julian likes riding on his bike fast.
c. Julian's father doesn't like to save money. 
d. Julian wants to save money in a bank.
e. Julian's father always goes to his office on foot.

18. "His father replied, "I certainly would, son. Any suggestions?" 
The word `replied' can be best replaced by ...
a. exclaimed d. responded
b. requested e. guessed c. pretended


19. What does the man want?
a. An iPad d. To chat with the girl.
b. A junky laptop. e. To make friend with the girl. 
c. A desktop computer.

20. "Walk around with it and at least people will think you're cool." 
What does the word `it' refer to?
a. A junky ol laptop. d. An iPad box. 
b. A new iPad. e. An old iPad. 
c. The girl's iPad.
Woman : Your trousers are torn. What happened" 
Boy : I fell from the bike, Mom.
Woman : Did you get hurt?
Boy : Thanks God I didn't. But I was very embarrassed.

21. Who are talking in the dialog?
a. Two classmates. d. A teacher and a Student
b. Two best friends. e. A mother and a son. 
c. A seller and a buyer.

22. What made the boy very embarrassed?
a. He had fallen from a tree. d. His mother was angry at him.
b. He had been beaten in a bike racing. e. His bike had hit a tree. 
c. His trousers were torn.

23. Man : Where is the English storybook? I really need it now. 
Woman : I saw it on Rina's table. Maybe she borrowed it.
Man : She should have told me first. She really makes me mad. 
What makes the man angry?
a. Rina has lost his book.
b. Rina has torn his book.
c. Rina has forgotten to bring his book.
d. Rina has told a lie about his book.
e. Rina has borrowed his book without his permission. 

24. Girl : Huh, the long queue really makes me annoyed! 
Boy : 
a. Are you sure? d. It's none of my business.
b. That's good for you. e. You must be disappointed. 
c. Please be patient.

25. Man : You must have forgotten to turn off the gas. 
Now, look! The house is on fire! 
Woman : 
a. The gas has made a great explosion.
b. I am not sure I can do it well.
c. It's really embarrassing that you could not do it well. 
d. I am sorry to hear that your house is on fire.
e. It's not from our house. It's from our neighbor's.

26. Man : I am really ashamed of you. You were easily beaten in the game.
Why is that? If you had practiced hard, it wouldn't have happened.
Woman : 
a. Sorry, I promise it won't happen again. d. I know how you feel. 
b. It is none of my business. e. We can learn from it. 
c. It was embarrassing.

27. Girl : When I was having dinner, I spilt my coffee on the waiter's skirt. 
Boy : 
a. Let me check it. d. Let me help you clean it.
b. That's good for you. e. What an embarrassing experience! 
c. Are you sure?

28. The boys have the photographer ... their picture.
a. take d. took
b. taking e. to take 
c. takes
29. George's hair is too long. He has his hair ...
a. to cut d. cut
b. cut e. to cutting 
c. cutting

30. My father has no time to repair our TV, so we will have it .... 
a. repair d. repaired 
b. repairs e. to repair 
c. repairing

31.picture .. .
a. mend d. mended 
b. mends e. to mend 
c. mending

32. The room is very dirty, you must have it ...
a. clean d. to clean
b. cleaning e. to be cleaned 
c. cleaned

33. I got the table moved to another room. This means ...
a. I wanted someone to move the table to another room myself. 
b. Someone asked me to move the table to another room. 
c. I asked someone to move the table to another room. 
d. I myself move the table to another room. 
e. I had to move the table myself to another room.

34. They are going to get their house ...
a. designing d. to be designed
b. designed e. designs 
c. design

35. She got her brother ... the toys for her yesterday.
a. repair d. repairing
b. to repair e. repaired 
c. repairs

36. The teacher gets the students ... to the passage twice.
a. listen d, to listen
b. listened e. have listened 
c. listening

37. By the end of this month, I ... my assignment.
a. will finish d. finish
b. will have finished e. was finishing 
c. am finishing

38. By tomorrow, I ... all my works.
a. will write d. will be writing
b. will be written e. will have been written. 
c. will have written

39. Please, believe that I ... the letters by the time you come back.
a. will send d. will be sent
b. will have sent e. will have been sent 
c. will be sending

40. They ... the office by three o'clock this afternoon.
a. will have left d. will leave
b. will be left e. will be leaving 
c. will have been left

A man went to the doctor and said, "Doctor, wherever I touch, it hurts." The doctor asked, "What do you mean?"
The man said, "When I touch my shoulder, it really hurts If I touch my knee - OUR When I touch my forehead, it really, really hurts."
The doctor said, "I know what's wrong with you - you have broken your finger!"

Answer the following questions based on the text above! 
1. Where did the story take place? 
2. What happened to the man?
3. Which part of his body was really injured? 
4. "When I touch my shoulder, it really hurts."
What does the word `it' in the sentence refer to? 
5. What is the similar meaning of the word `to hurt'?


1. E
2. A
3. A
4. E
5. C
6. C
7. B
8. D
9. D
10. E
11. E
12. B
13. B
14. B
15. E
16. D
17. A
18. D
19. A
20. B
21. E
22. C
23. E
24. C
25. E
26. A
27. D
28. E
29. E
30. C
31. E
32. E
33. C
34. A
35. A
36. D
37. C
38. A
39. A
40. E

2).A man has broken his own finger


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