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Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris X SMA Semester 2 UAS 2 TA 2013/2014

Choose the best expression to answer these questions!
1. Hendra              : Good morning, Arif . How are you?
    Arif                     : Oh, hi, Hendra............
I'm Happy to hear that                                                      D. The homework is OK 
I'm OK                                                                                   E. How do you do
I'm Doing my home work

2. Nita                    : Hi, Thalia
   Thalia                 : Hi, Nita, How are you ?
    Nita                    : I'm Fine, Thanks. and you?
    Thalia                                : ...............
It's OK                                                                                   D. OK. I'm Fine
I'm OK                                                                                   E. I'll be fine
OK.Thank you 
3. Yulis                   : Which one is yours?
     Neni                   : "............
I love the book                                                                     D. The blue one is mine
the red one is Mary's                                                                           E. My book is here 
An old friend of mine

4. Mutia                                 : Mr. Ahmad wants you to return.....pencil
Pipih                       : What happened? did you meet ......
A.Her – His                                                                                           D. His – Him
B. Hers – His                                                                                        E. Him – him
C. His – His

5. Agung                                : name is Agung
    Sugiana                             : Hi, my name's Sugiana
please introduce you                                                                           D. can you introduce?
Let me introduce myself                                                    E. please introduce me
Do you meet me?

6. The director of P.T. Top Fantasi opens the regular meeting at 9.00 a.m.
The director  : All my staff, good morning.
Staffs  : .................., Sir.
The director  : How's life today.
Staffs  : Not so bad.

A. Good morning
B. Good afternoon
C. Good evening
D. Good day
E. Good bye

7. Siska is a new student of SMU 3 Semarang. She doesn't know the location of her class. She asks a group of students.
Siska : Sorry to disturb you, friends. I'm a new student here. ... where the Biology class is?
A group of students   : With leisure.

A. May I tell you
B. Can you tell me
C. May I accompany you
D. Can I direct you
E. You may direct me

8. Look at the map. The conversation is on (x)
Passerby : Excuse me. Please tell me how to go to the post office? I want to send my letter. I came here only yesterday.
The man : Certainly. Go head ...
Passerby : Thanks for your explanation.

A. it is on your right side
B. it is on your left side
C. up to the corner of the street, turn right. It is on the left.
D. and then turn right, the post office is on your right.
E. up to the comer of the street, turn to left, the post office is on your right.

9.  Your friend will fly for the first time. He is a bit worried about it.
      You : …………………....?
      Your friend : I hope so, thanks, this is my first flight. It makes me a bit worried.
A. Do you feel afraid
B. There's nothing to worry about
C. Don't be so happy
D. Is there any problems
E. Are you afraid of being alone

10. Tri : Let's eat out in a restaurant, Dina
Dina : When?
Tri : Tonight
Dina : ... I'll wait for you before seven.
A. No, thank you
B. I don't want to
C. Good idea, but
D. Enjoy yourself
E. That sounds interesting

11. Agus had two tickets to attend the music concert. He asked Bella to join him.
Agus : Bella, ... to accompany me to see the music concert?
Bella : Are you kidding, Agus? I'm so flattery.
A. could you do me a favour
B. could I do you a favour
C. may I ask you
D. are you willing if I
E. would you mind if I

12. Denny Smith has just arrived in the U.S. He's at the airport; hotel information counter.
       Clerk: good morning May I help you?
       Traveler: Hello, my name is Denny Smith.
        Clerk: I see. A single?
     Traveler : Yes, please.
A. I want to order a single room
B. I have no place to spend the night
C. I'd like to reserve a room for tonight
D. I am going to stay in your hotel
E. I am trying to find a room

13. Ronny : What films are in the Globe 21 today?
Budi : They are Home Alone in Studio 3 and The
Day After in Studio 4. Which one do you want to see, Ronny?
Ronny : I think ... It's a comedy and very funny film.
Budi : I agree with you.
A. I don't like all of them.
B. I dislike it
C. I like Home Alone
D. I dislike The Day After
E. I love the mall.

14. Instructor : Read the instructions before you do this test!
Students : ... You have warned us before.
A. Don’t worry
B. Why not
C. Who cares
D. I like it
E. Wasting time

15. Hendra : ... the flower! Let it grow well.
Wahyu : I'm sorry. I wish I could give the flower to that girl.
A. Pick
B. Don't pick
C. Please pick
D. Picking
E. Not to pick

A : Parahyangan Travel Agency. Can I help you?

16. B : Yes, please, 1 book the seat on the second bus to Lampung, leaving at 08.00 P.M. tomorrow. I want to confirm that I take it. And I want to know what time I should be there to airport. My name is Gill.
A : Thanks, please come and report to us before the departure.
What did the caller telephone the agency for?
A. Booking a seat in a bus
B. Canceling his reservation
C. Confirming his reservation
D. Changing the time of his travel
E. asking something

17. A : I like to speak with Mr. Zakaria, please!
B : He is out at the moment. I am afraid.
A : Anything I can do for you so?
B : Well, listen for him, that the order is ready. We need n' t know about the time of delivery. We are from ABC printing house, thank you.
What does the caller want to know?
A. Confirmation about an order
B. Mr. Zakaria's health condition
C. Method and time of product delivery
D. Information about ABC printing house
E. telling something

18. A : May I have the schedule of lecture for employee?
B : Sure, the study in room 461 and 402 on fourth floor on Friday to Saturday, from 02.00 P.M. to 04.00P.M.
A : Thank you for your information
How often do the employees study?
A. Twice a week
B. Thee times a week
C. Four times a week
D. Five times a week
E. just one week

19. A : I think working with this company since 1980.
B : That's quiet long, have you got it only here.
A : No. I enjoy my job here
How long has the woman been working with the company up until now?
A. 5 years
B. 9 years
C. 15 years
D. 19 years
E. 21 years

20. A : I was in Bandung from 1981 to 1990. And then I moved to Semarang and lived there for 15 years before I came here.
B : Why did you move to this town?
A : I got a better business opportunity,
How long did the man live in Bandung?
A. 5 year
B. 9 years
C. 15 years
D. 20 years
E. 25 years

21. A : I want to invite you to come to my house this evening.
B : I'll be glad to. What is it? Your engagement?
A : No, I've a picnic sated a Jakarta University. Do come between 07.00 PM. to 09.00 PM. There'll be some other friends coming in high.
What is the girl going to hold in her house?
A. an engagement party
B. a university party
C. a celebration party
D. a senior high farewell party
E. standing party

22. A : I like to book a seat to Surabaya, please!
B : Single or round trip
A : Single, please
What does the man want?
A. a seat in a theatre
B. a single trip ticket
C. a round trip ticket
D. a book about Surabaya
E. ticket confirmation

23. Sheila : What do you do in the present company?
      Dinah : ...
A. I have sent this insurance policy to a new client.
B. I check mail, sort out letters, and put them in the agenda.
C. I will have to arrange the annual meeting with the stakeholders
D. I met some clients this morning, and got to explain the company policy.
E. I’m sorry I can’t

24. Dinah : I'm thinking about quitting my job.
Sheila : Sorry? Are you serious? It's so difficult to find a job these days.
Dinah : I know, but ... I'm thinking about continuing my studies.
A. I'm not going to find another job.
B. the job was not interesting anymore.
C. I did not want to work for a bigger company.
D. the company will try to stop me from walking out.
E. I don’t do that

25. Waiter : Excuse me. Are you ready to order?
Dinah : Yes, can I have fish and chips, and coke?
Sheila : please.
Waiter : Fish and chips, coke, noodles, and hot tea. I'll be right back.
A. A glass of coke and a bag of noodles
B. A bag of chips and a plate of noodles
C. A bottle of hot tea and a plate of chips
D. A bowl of noodles and a cup of hot tea
E. A glass of water

26. Rani : Rafi, what did you usually do when you were in London?
      Rafi : ...
A. I use to play tennis with my father.
B. I usually drink English tea for breakfast.
C. I used to walk down the road in the afternoon.
D. I sometimes go to the movies with some friends.
E. I go to the theater everyday

27. Sam : How much is that new Toyota?
      Salesperson : It's $ 4,700, tax included.
      Sam :..,.. I can't afford it.
A. The cost is low
B. That's cheap enough
C. That's too expensive
D. The price is quite reasonable
E. it is less too

28. Nahya : ..... Raisha, our new staff?
      Budi : Oh, yes. I am her yesterday. Hi, Raisha. How are you doing?
      Raisha : Hi, Budi. I'm doing fine, Thanks. How are you?
A. Have you met
B. Do you know about
C. Do you want to meet
D. Are you going to meet
E. is it okay

29. Taufiq : Happy Travel, Taufiq speaking.
      Olga : Hello, Mr. Taufiq. This is Olga ………………..
      Taufiq : Oh, yes, Miss Olga. I hope you and your family will have a wonderful time.
      Olga : Thank you. We are very excited.
A. I am sad to tell you the truth
B. I liked to talk about the ticket service
C. I am disappointed with the service last night
D. I am calling to confirm my trip to Disneyland
E. I’ll call you again

30. Fahri : You've got a big bonus and incentives, haven't you? ………………....? I'm hungry.
Vita : Okay, where do you usually have lunch?
A. Why didn't you tell me
B. Why don't you treat me
C. Why didn't you eat lunch
D. Why must we wait for them
E. Why are you lie

31. Waiter : Under what name would you like the reservation?
Hasan : Siregar, Hasan Siregar.
Waiter : ...?
Hasan : Yes. It's 555 -9363.
A. May I have your phone number
B. Can I tell you my phone number
C. Should you write your phone number
D. Will you speak about your phone number

32. Adrian : What does a chef do exactly?
Manager : He supervises the preparation and service
of the food from the kitchen to the dining
room, arranges the menu and ...
A. carry away the dirty dishes to the pantry.
B. taking care of cleanliness of the kitchen.
C. served drinks to the table in the bar.
D. tastes the food for correct seasoning.

33. Duta : It will be a long weekend next week. What is your plan?
Echa : ...,. There will be a family outing sponsored
by the-office.
A. We have gone by a tourist bus
B. We are going to go to Anyer
C. We stayed in a cottage
D. We have a barbecue

32. Reporter : Where does this industry sell its products?
Manager : This industry exports some of the
products but ...
A. much of them are sold in the domestic markets
B. few of them are made in the domestic markets
C. most of them are sold in the domestic markets
D. least them are made in the domestic markets

33. Psychologist : What can you say about your
Client : I'll always remember my sweet time
when I was still young. My friends
and I loved to play in a small field
near our houses and ... our bicycles
A. we will ride
B. we're riding
C. we used to ride
D. we will use to ride

34. Student : Can I remove the car wheels with spanner no. 10?
Mechanic : No, you can't. ... the bolts.
A. It's too small to loosen
B. It's enough big to loosen
C. It's big enough to loosen
D. It's small enough to loosen

35. Bim : Do you know that... our monorail project next week?
Bram : Really? I have to prepare our progress report
of it then.
A. the government could check
B. the governor will review
C. I have reported
D. we visited

36. Fitha : Excuse me. I don't think ... you before. My name's Fitha.
Marshall : Nice to meet you. I'm Bev Marshall.
A. I saw you .
B. I need to talk
C. I have met you
D. I should contact you

37. Fatin I : What does our new English teacher look like?
Nana : ... He is fit to be a model.
A. He has a new car.
B. He is nice and wise.
C. He looks happy.
D. He's tall and slim.

38. Brother : Izha,... to borrow your motorcycle?
Izha : Sure, but remember to fill up the tank.
A. did you ask me
B. can you come
C. will you be able
D. is it possible for me

39. Caller : Hello. ...?
Nita : I'm sorry, he is out. Could you call back at
Caller : All right. Thank you.
A. Could you speak to Mr. Aziz, please
B. Can I take a message from you
C. Could I speak to Mr. Aziz, please
D. Would you like to call him again

40. Receptionist : Family Restaurant. Can I help you?
Bunga : Yes, please. ... for next Saturday
Receptionist : I'm afraid we can't. We're fully booked
this month.
A. I need to reserve a room
B. I want to book a ticket
C. I'd like to reserve two tables
D. I really need your help

42. Receptionist : Good morning. May I help you?
Risa : Yes. My name is Risa and I have an
appointment with Dr. Ibrahim at 10
Secretary : Sorry, ...
A. He is treating a patient at the moment
B. He was talking on the phone
C. He is out of town
D. He was still on the way

43. Winny : When did you come back from the job
training program in Bangkok?
Fanny : I just arrived yesterday.
Winny : ...
Fanny : Oh, yes. I enjoyed everything there,
especially the training.
A. Will you enjoy the training?
B. Did you have a great time?
C. Are you going to attend a training?
D. Do you plan to go back?

44. Titi : It's already lunch time. I feel like starving.
Danu : Let's eat at the cafeteria, then.
Titi : ...I'm rather bored with the food there.
A. Why don't we have something different?
B. What about having lunch together?
C. How about dinner?
D. Let's not eat anywhere else.

45. Linda : Could you tell me how to operate the new cleaner?
Salesman : Yes, Ma'am. Firstly ...
Linda : Oh, I see.
A. You put on the power button at the side of the cleaner.
B. You turn up the power button at the top of the machine.
C. You turn on the power button at the left side of the machine.
D. You replace the power button at the side of thecleaner.


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