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Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas X (10) SMA dan Kunci Semester 2 UAS 2 2013/2014

B INGGRIS set-1 

Not being able to sleep,Iwan sat up in bed peering into the darkness. Suddenly he felt a current of cold air. He jumped out of bed. However, having forgotten the motion of the ship, he was instantly thrown violently across the room.
With difficulty he got up and groped his was towards the window which, to his surprise, he found wide open, for he was certain that he had fastened it securely before he went to bed.
Sudenly, as he stood by the window, he distinctly heard something moving behind him and, a moment afterwards, as he turned to look, he heard a faint groan. He sprang across the room and jumped back into bed, only to discover to his horror that someone else was lying there. Stretching out his hand, he laid hold of something that had the shape of a man’s arm but was smooth, wet and icy cold. He pulled, but the creature, whatever it was, tore itself out of his grasp, ran across the room, opened the door and rushed out. Quickly recovering from his fright, he started to chase at top speed but he was too late. The passage outside his room was empty.

Choose the right statement !
1. The story tells us about….
a. Iwan’s journey
b. A bung lary at see
c. The case on board
d. a mysterious creature
e. an adventurous night

2. Why did Iwan Jump out of bed and try to get to the window ?
a. He knew that the window was open
b. He was rest less and could not sleep
c. He couldn’t see anything in the dark room
d. He was thrown violently across the room
e. He wanted to know where the cold the room

3. Which of the following did not frigten Iwan ?
a. something moving behind him
b. A sound unfamiliar to him
c. The violent moving of the ship
d. Finding somebody lying on his bed
e. Touching something smooth and wet

4. Which of the following statements is true according to the text ?
a. Iwan was waiting in the dark for the creature
b. Iwan wondered why the window was open
c. Seeing the window open, he immediately rain to close it
d. Iwan jumped out of bed because he heard something moving
e. Iwan had forgatten to fasten the window when he went to bed

5. From the text we may conclude that…
a. the creature reamined a mysterys
b. Iwan succeeded in catching the creature
c. Iwan didn’t dare to run after the creature
d. the creature tried very hard to catch Iwan
e. Iwan and the creature ran out the room together

6. Rendra has to take a part-time job during the vacation…
he will not be able to rent a house
a. besides c. otherwise e. nevertheless
b. therefore d. moreover

7. My sister, Siska has all her dresses made because…
a. she likes sewing
b. she is a dress maker
c. she cannot sew at all
d. she doesn’t have a good dressmaker
e. she can’t offord to pay dress-maker

8. This area is not suitable for farming because the soil is not……
a. fertile c. fertility e. fertilization
b. fertilize d. fertilizer

9. ‘May I go shopping with my friends, mom ?’
‘No, you…….stay in bed until you recover.
a. can c. might e. must
b. may d. could

10. ‘When do you want to have the parcels………to you hosue ?’
‘It’s better tomorrow morning’
a. deliver c. delivered e. be delivered
b. to deliver d. delivering

11. Which sentence is correct ?
a. Do you watch every Thursday evening the English program on television ?
b. Do you watch on television the English program every Thursday evening ?
c. Do you watch the English program every Thursday evening on television ?
d. Do you watch the English program on television every Thursday evening ?
e. Every Thursday evening do you watch the English program on television ?

12. I think Nuki is too young……an engineer
a. to be c. of being e. when he is
b. in being d. if he be

13. None of Rian’s class mates … his birthday party
a. are invited c. of being e. when he is
b. is invited d. if he be

14. The manager think Santi is a very …..secretary because she always does her work well
a. rely c. reliance e. reliability
b. reliably d. reliable

15. The article…..we got the Dita for our essay is written by
a. that c. from whom e. at which
b. which d. from which

16. We must avoid…..too much because it causes lung cancer
a. smoke c. smoking e. to be smoking
b. to smoke d. in smoking

17. The results of the test were…..not only the teacher but also the students
a. disapproint d. being disappointed
b. disappointed e. to be disappointed
c. disappointing

18. He has to try several times because he wants to be the winner
We can also say:……., he has to try several times
a. to be the winner
b. being the winner
c. wanting to be the winner
d. wants to be winner
e. be the winner

19. After the house….white it looked beautiful
a. to be painted d. has been painted
b. has painted e. had been painted
c. had painted

20. ‘You wouldn’t have won if I hadn’t help you’
That’s not true, I certainly…….
a. did c. had e. would
b. win d. done

21. As Rian left an hour ago, he should have arrived by now.
From the underlined words we may conclude that Rian…
a. are already here now
b. has not arrived yet
c. will probably arrive soon
d. has just arrived
e. would probably not arrive

22. I…….to his behaving so rudely toward his wife
a. regret c. object e. complain
b. dislike d. disagree

23. The boy is now delivering the packages to the customers
We can also say….
a. The customers are delivering the packages now
b. The customers are now delivered packages
c. The packages are now delivered by the boy
d. The packages are now delivered to the customers
e. The packages are now being delivered to the customers

24. Mother promises to buy me a new red gown….by a famous dressmaker
a. make c. made e. be made
b. makes d. is made

25. ‘Andi didn’t meet Santi when he visited her yesterday’
‘Oh she….for Bandung to see her parents
a. has left c. will leave e. would leave
b. had left d. is leaving

26. I’ve finished painting the house, but if Didi et had not helped me,
I……it so quickly
a. can never do d.could never have done
b. could never do e.can never have done
c. have never done

27. The wounded soldiers…..we have asked some help are now taken to the hospital
a. who c. whom e. from whom
b. whose d. of which

28. I was sorry, I didn’t come to your birthday party
we can also say:…
a. I wish I could come to you birthday party
b. I wished I could come to your birthday party
c. I wish I could have come to your birthday party
d. I wished I could have come to your birthday party
e. I wished I couldn’t have come to your birthday party

29. As I see him again, I feel happy
We can also say:….., I feel happy
a. seeing him again
b. To see him again
c. Having seen him again
d. In seeing him again
e. By seeing him again

30. ‘All the students had just left the classroom when the mathematics teacher came in
From this sentences we may conclude that…
a. The mathematics class started late that day
b. There was no mathematics class that day
c. The teacher cancelled the mathematics class
d. The teacher asked the students to leave the class
e. The students came late for the mathematics class

B. INGGRIS- set 2 

Mr. Pomat, a Malupit shop owner, called a meeting to find out the views of the community on local government plants to close the Malupit Community School at the end of the present school year.
Mr. Pomat acted as chairman of the meeting. He introduced Mr. K.Kazarin, the planning Officer of the Raval Education Department. Mr. Kazarin pointed out that there were now only fifty-three children at Malupit Community School. This was considered too high a number for one class under one teacher; and too low a number for the forming of two classes and the employment of two teacher. Mrs. Luvako, who had taught at the school for the past twenty-two years, would be retiring from the teaching service in July. The Planning Office wished to take this opportunity to close the school, because it is expensive to run, and to move the children to two bigger schools in Raval, six miles away
Mrs. Jarvis, the mother of an eight-year-old boy at Malupi, asked what would happen about transport to Raval. Mr.Kazarin replied that the children would travel by bus. This would be provided by the Raval Transport Department, and it would take Malupit children to and from school free of charge
Another parent, Mr.H.Wiley, expressed the fear of many parent that closing the local school would mean that the children of Malupit would not grow up with the same sense of community as in the past. They would feel lost in the much larger schools in Raval.
Mr. Kazarin replied that the Raval school were not very large, and that in any case, the children would have to go to Raval later for education at high-school level.
The chairman voiced the view of the meeting when he said that there was good reason to believe that there would soon be more young children living in Malupit.
It would be foolish, he said, to close the school, and then to find that there were more than enough local children to form two classes and employ two teachers.
A final point was made by Mr.Colmar, a retired businessman, that without Malupit Community School, there would be nowhere big enough for local clubs an organizations to hold their meetings.
Mr.Pomat brought the meeting to a close shortly after 9 0’clock.

Choose the right statement !
1. Which of the following persons is a government official ?
a. Mr Riley c. Mr.Kazarin e. Mr.Pomat
b. Mrs.Jarvis d. Mrs.Luvako

2. The main discussion ot the meeting held by the Malupit community was about….
a. the plan of parents to move their children to a bigger school in Raval
b. the high cost of running the Malupit community school
c. the retirement of Mrs.Luvako from the Malupit community school
d. the employment of two more teachers for the Malupit community school
e. the opinions of the Malupit community on the closing of the Malupit community school

3. At the meeting, Mr. Kazarin stated that the local government would…
a. establish high-school for the children at Malupit in the future
b. not be able to consider the request of the Malupit community
c. support the Malupit community school with funds and teachers
d. provide free transport from Malupit to Raval for the children every morning
e. expand school in Raval to accommodate children from the Malupit community school

4. Why did the local government plan to close the Malupit community school ?
a. there were only two teachers
b. the school was too expensive to run
c. the only teacher was going to retire
d. Malupit was only 6 miles from Raval
e. Malupit was too small a town for a school

5. Which of a following is True according to the text ?
a. children of Malupit felt lost in their new school in Raval
b. The chairman of the meeting closed the meeting at 9 o’clock
c. Mr. Kazarin agrees not to close the Malupit community school
d. community meetings used to be held at the Malupit community school
e. It was believed that the number of children in Malupit would not increase

6. After reading the whole text, we may conclude that…
a. the meeting ended without any solution to the problem
b. parent objected to the addition of another class
c. the Malupit school had too many student
d. the Malupit school was not a good school
e. the Malupit school was in Raval

7. This dancing room is….decorated
a. beauty c. beautify
b. beautiful d. beautifully e. beautifying

8. Why was he arrested ?
He was arrested because of…
a. to rob the store
b. robbing the store
c. in order to rob the store
d. when he robbed the store
e. while he was robbing the store

9. Facing the ceremony, we have to prepare more food
Two tours of rice….a large amount needed
a. are c. it is e. are being
b. is d. they are

10. Her winning a prize in beauty contest surprises me
The underlined words means…
a. After she won a prize
b. when she won a prize
c. she is winning a prize
d. The fact that she won a prize
e. The expectation that she’ll win a prize

11. The students are supposed to have finished their test when the bell rings.
a. the students finished their test
b. the students will have finished their test
c. the students were finishing their test
d. the students will be finishing their test
e. the students are going to finish their test

12. The teacger asked the lazy student….the English classes
a.that he attended d.why hadn’t he attended
b.hadn’t he attended often he had attended
c. when had he attended

13. All these years, some people… poverty
a. lives c. had lived e. has been living
b. lived d. was living

14. The manager,….’Which night gowns will be sold tomorrow ?”
The worker, ‘We don’t know yet; they…… us
a. are still being selected d. still selected
b. are still selecting e. still selecting
c. still be selected

15. There are four of us working in the same company:….work in the sales Department.
a. as a matter of fact my brother, Rian, Santi, Memik and I
b. as a matter of fact, my brother, Rian, santi, Memik and I
c. as a matter of fact, my brother Rian, Santi, Memik and I
d. as a matter of fact, my brother Rian, Santi, Memik an I
e. as a matter of fact my brother, Rian, Santi, Memik and I

16. The people won’t and their strike unless their proposal are agreed.
a. the government has to agree their proposal
b. the government doesn’t agree their proposal
c. the people have got an agreement in their proposal
d. the people don’t expect an agree ment in their proposal
e. the government doesn’t agree to the people’s proposal

17. Retno doesn’t have a radio. Retno doesn’t have a television
the two sentences can be combined into:
a. Retno has either or a television
b. Retno doesn’t have a radio but a television
c. Retno has neither a radio nor a television
d. Retno doesn’t have a radio and also televisio n
e. Retno doesn’t only have a radio also a television

18. Driving a long the heavy road, she hit a tree and broke her leg.
The underlined words means:….a long the heavy road.
a. As she would drive
b. After she had driven
c. Because she was driving
d. while she was driving
e. In order that she could drive
19. ‘What did your mother tell you ?’
“……..near the street
a. Not play c. Not playing e.Let’s not play
b. Not to play d. Did not play

20. ‘What did you find in the old house ?’
a. I broke a chair d. A chair breaking
b. the chair was broken e. A broken chair
c. Breaking a chair

21. My mother said,” I have never met such a diligent boy”
From the above statement we may conclude that…
a. she seldom met a diligent boy
b. the boy she saw was a lazy one
c. It was the fist time he met a diligent boy
d. This is the diligent boy he has ever met
e. He has never met a lazy boy before

22. Mr Yohan gained immediate….for his great discovery
a. recognize c.recognized
b. recognized d.recognition e.recognizing

23. ‘What has made Siska so well-known today ?’
a. only he is not a good artist, but a scholar
b. Also he is a good artist only, but not a scholar
c. He is not only a good artist, but also a good scholar
d. He is also only a good artist, but not a scholar
e. only he is an artist and also a scholar, but not good

24. Mr.Ramli asled his son to drive him to his office
We can also say”……… his office
a. Mr.Ramli drove his son
b. Mr.Ramli has to drive his son
c. Mr.Ramli had to drive his son
d. Mr.Ramli had his son drive him
e. Mr.Ramli’s son had driven him

25. On my way to the campus, I ….a friend whom I had not met for years.
a. ran off c. ran down e. ran into
b. ran out d. ran over

26. He has been attending the English conversation course for six months; his English should be very fluent now
The underlined words means…
a. I am sure that he speaks English fluently
b. It is possible that he speaks English fluently
c. I expect he speaks English fluently
d. I doubt he speaks English fluently
e. He must speaks English fluently

27. Andi is usually late for class, but he has been on time this week .
The headmaster….him some advice
a. has to give d. ought to have given
b. might give e. would have given
c. must have given

28. The book….is only available in the library
a. where these two chapters are taken
b. the two chapters are taken
c. from which these two chapters are taken
d. these two chapters are taken from them
e. it was from them the two chapters are taken

29. must developing countries are heavily burdened with foreign debts…..such as employment
a. and with social problem
b. and also with social problem
c. with problems in society also
d. as well as social problems
e. and problems in society too.

30. many people could have been rescued from the landslide if immediate help had arrived
From the above statement we my conclude that…
a. the landslide did not harm anyone
b. it was just a minor landslide
c. a lot people died because of the landslide
d. a rescue team came immediately to help the victims
e. many people rescued themselves from the landslide


One evening last week my and I were sitting quietly at home. Suddenly we heard a loud bang. I supposed that the old lady in the flat above ours was moving the furniture about. My wife was afraid that the noise would wake the baby. She turned down the TV and moment latter we heard someone calling for help.
I run upstairs. The old lady’s door was shut but I could see smoke coming through the letter box and under the door and smell something burning.” Ring the fire brigade .” I should down to my wife.
I banged on the door but the old lady took a long time answer. I was turning over in my mind the idea of breaking the door down when she finally appeared.
“I was having a bath,” she said,” when the water heater in the kitchen blew up. And I was getting dressed when you knocked.
I took her down stairs to our flat. Smoke was pouring out of the kitchen and the heater was in flames. Just then I heard a fire engine arriving outside and the heavy footsteps of the firemen on the stairs.” It’s in here,” I shouted,” You turned up promptly, I must say.”
When I got back to our flat, my wife was making the old lady a cup of tea, Soon afterwards, the fire chief came in to ask a few questions. It turned out that the fire was not very serious and the firemen were already putting it out. When they left, my wife went up with the old lady to help her clean up the mess.
When she returned, my wife remarked : “It’s all right now. Nothing was damaged except the water heater. But wasn’t it lucky that baby slept through the noise ?’
She took the teacups into the kitchen and I heard her scream and the cups crash to the floor. When I got there, water dripping from the ceiling and forming a pool on the floor. The baby woke up at least and began to cry.

Choose the right statement

1. What is the story about ?
a. A disastrous accident
b. A confused old lady
c. A fire brigade in action
d. A surprising evening
e. A small accident in the kitchen

2. The writer suspected that something was wrong when…
a. there was a loud noise
b. there was a cry for help
c. his wife was afraid of the noise
d. furniture was being moved about
e. he saw smoke coming through his letter-box

3. Which of the following statement is true ?
a. the old lady hurried to the door when yhe writer knocked
b. the noise in the old lady’s flat didn’t disturb the baby
c. the writer kicked the door open to save the old lady’s life
d. there was great damage in the flat ofter the fire
e. the old lady immediately called the fire brigade

4. ‘Turning over in my mind in paragraph 3 means…
a. chancing c. reminding
b. repeating d.considering e.supposing

5. After reading the whole story, we know that…
a. the old lady was good at house cleaning
b. the baby was startled by the some of the fire engine
c. the fire occurred because the old lady had been careless
d. the old lady always enjoyed having tea with the writer’s wife
e. the fire had caused a leak in the ceiling of the writer’s kitchen

6. Which of the following statement is not true ?
a. the baby woke up a long while after the fire
b. the writer and his wife were at home watching TV that night
c. the fire engine didn’t arrive as quickly as the writer had thought
d. the writer’s wife was so startled that the cups fell from her hends
e. the writer’s wife didn’t expect to see a pool of water in her kitchen

7. Nowadays people prefer using small cars than big ones because they are more…
a. economic c. economical e.economically
b. economy d.economize

8. The place …..the Dutch imprisoned Pangeran Diponegoro was hilly
a. which c. that which
b. that d.on which

9. The woman begged the robber…
a. don’t take my money
b. not to take her money
c. not taking her money
d. he didn’t take her money
e. he’d better not take her money

10. Every night the street vendors walk along the road and…food and drink.
a. sells c. sell selling
b. to sell d.selling

11. All these years. Ira’s family….in poverty
a. lives c. was living e.has been living
b. lived d.had lived

12. As I don’t have enough capital to start a business, I would like to apply for a….from the bank
a. share c. loan e.policy
b. cash d.deposit

13. Which of the following sentences has the correct punctuation ?
a. He eats almost anything : fish, snails, snakes and bats
b. He eats almost anything fish, snails, snakes, and bats
c. He eats almost anything; fish, snails, snakes, and bats
d. He eats almost anything; fish snails, snakes, and bats
e. He, eats almost anything, fish snails, snakes and bats
14. The ….guest came to the party without having the invitation
a. unexpect d.unexpexts
b. unexpected e.being unexpected
c. unexpecting

15. The girls…..the T-shirt must be a tourist
a. wears c. wearing e she is wearing
b. to wear d.she wears

16. ‘What did Rian promise you yerterday ?”
“……together in the library
a. studied c. studying studying
b. to study d.we study

17. ……….near the beach, Pangandaran because a popular tourist resort
a. Located c. Location
b. Locating d.Locates e.It is locating

18. We were astonished at….a good score for his TOEFL in spite of his poor English
a. be able to get d. to be able to get
b. being able to get e. he could get
c. his being able to get

19. Niken didn’t like the movies and neither did Santi
This sentences means:…
a. only Santi didn’t like the movie
b. Bath Niken and Santi didn’t like the movie
c. Niken didn’t like the movie but Santi did
d. One of the two girls didn’t like the movie
e. not only Niken but also Santi like the movie

20. I don’t know how to sew this night gown; I’d rather….
a. sew it d. it has been sewed
b. have sewed it e. have it sewed
c. have to sew it

21. ‘I’d never seen komodo until ! Visited the Komodo island’ means….
a. I visited the Komodo island until I saw a KOmodo
b. I didn’t see a komodo when I visited Komodo island
c. when I visited Komodo island, I immediately saw a Komodo
d. I saw a Komodo for the first time in the Komodo island
e. I didn’t go to Komodo island until I saw a Komodo

22. The cars are broken; we… the mechanic
a. have repaired them
b. have been repaired
c. are reapiring taken
d. must be repaired them
e. must have them repaired

23. ‘Last night someone broke into my house ‘
“oh, dear !…..?
a. was anything taken
b. Did anything take
c. Had anything taken
d. Anything to be taken
e. was anything being taken

24. ‘Does he often come to this museum ?!
a. once he has only visited it
b. he has once visited it only
c. he has visited it only once
d. only he has visited once
e. he once only visited it

25. Producing fine paintings….skill and creativity
a. require c. is requiring e. they require
b. requires d. it requires

26. ‘It the company’s personnel department had mainded the letter
earlier, I would not have been too late for the interview
a. the letter came to early
b. I missed the interview
c. I went through the interview
d. the company didn’t send the letter
e. I didn’t want to be interviewed

27. He should have gone to the doctor when he got an accident.
it means….
a. He stayed at home
b. He got home on time
c. The doctor was away
d. the accident was a terrible one
e. he succeeded in escaping from the accident

28. ‘If there were not traffic lights at this intersection, there would be so many accidents’
We may conclude that…
a. This is not a dangerous intersection
b. The traffic light often don’t work
c. despite the traffic lights accidents happen
d. the only accidents occur at this intersection
e. this is a very dangerous intersection

29. Someone had stolen his car last night
He…..forgotten to lock the garage
a. would have c. should have e. must be
b. might have d. could have

30. “I got to the library at one o’clock, and it started raining immediately !
We can also say…
a. when I got to the library, it was already raining
b. the rain started some time before I went to the library
c. It started raining when I was walking to the library
d. it had started raining before I got to the library
e. it started raining as soon as I got to the library

Kunci B Inggris 
1. D C E
2. E E B
3. C D B
4. B B D
5. A D E
6. C A C
7. C D C
8. A B E
9. E B B
10. C D C
11. D B E
12. A E C
13. A E A
14. D A B
15. D B C
16. C A B
17. C C A
18. C D C
19. E B B
20. A E E
21. B C D
22. C D E
23. E C A
24. C D C
25. B E B
26. D C B
27. E C A
28. D C E
29. A D B
30. B C E


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