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Soal Bahasa Inggris 3 SMA (XII) TA 2014/2015 Kunci Jawaban

Taufik Earns Payback, in HK Open Semis
Badminton! Ami Afriani
Familiar faces must carry Indonesia’s hope in the Hong Kong Open Super Series.
            Taufik HIdayat beat Park Sung-Hwan of South Korea 23-21, 21-17, at Queen Elizabeth Stadium on Friday to advance to the men’s single semi finals
            Taufik, Indonesia’s No. 1 shuttler, avenged a bitter loss to Park, who eliminated him in the quarter finals of the Asian Games in Quangzhou, China last month.
            “It was a tough match, especially in the first game, but I think I did well overall”, he said
            When I took the first game, I really believed I could beat him. It’s good to get this win, and it’s good for my confidence.
            Seeded third in the tournament, Taufik will face Chen Long of China in Saturday’s semifinals. A victory over Chen could set up a dream final between Taufik and world No. 1 Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia. Lee takes on Vietnam’s Nguyen Tien in the other semifinals match.
            In men’s doubles, reigning Asian Games champions Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan received a walkover victory after fellow Indonesian Alvent Yulianto Chandra and Hendra Aprida Gunawan withdraw from their match with Alvent suffering from a fever.
            Markis and Hendra will go up against Lee Young-Dae and Jung Jae-Sung in the men’s doubles semifinals. The Korean pair beat China’s Chai Yun and Fu Haifeng 21-19, 21-16 to advance.
20. In the Hong Kong Super Series ……
            A. Taufik Hidayat could easily win the game
            B. Taufik Hidayat has beaten Lee Chong Wei
            C. Park Sung Hwan beat Taufik Hidayat
            D. Park Sung Hwan was eliminated by in quarter semifinals
            E. Taufik Hidayat did not beat Park Sung-Hwan easily
21. Why did in men’s doubles, Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan win the game?
            A. They have prepared well                            B. Their opponent did not come to the game
            C. The pair is one of the best players in the series
            D. They had to face Lee Young-Dae and Jung Jae-Sung
            E. Alvent Yulianto C and Hendra Aprida G did not play their best
22. What is main idea of paragraph 7?
            A. Alfent suffered from fever                                   
B. Indonesian players dominate the game
            C. Alvent Yulianto and Hendra went to semifinals
            D. Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan reigned the Asian Games champions
            E. Asian Games champions won the game by walkover
Diana was born in 1961 as the third daughter of Edward John Spencer and his wife Ruth Burke Roche. Diana grew up in a very privileged family that had a long history of close ties with the royal family. When Diana’s paternal grandfather passed away in 1975, Diana’s father became the 8th Earl of Spencer and Diana gained the title of “Lady”.
            In 1969, Diana’s parents divorced. Her mother’s affair helped court decide to give custody of the couple’ s four children to Diana’s father. Both of her parents eventually remarried, but the divorce left an emotional scar on Diana.
            Diana attended school at West Heath in Kent and spent a shot time a finishing school in Switzerland. Although she was not an excellent student academically, her determined personality, caring nature, and cheerful outlook helped her through it. After returning from Switzerland, Diana rented an apartment with two friends, worked with children at the Young England Kindergarten, and watched movies and visited restaurants in her free time.
            It was about this time that Prince Charles, in his early 30, was under increasing pressure to choose a wife. Diana’s vibrancy, cheerfulness, and good family background caught the attention of Prince Charles and the two began dating during in mid-1980. It was a whirlwind romance for on February 24, 1981, Buckingham Palace officially announce the couple’s engagement. At the time, Lady Diana and Prince Charles seemed truly in love and whole world was awed by what seemed like a fairytale romance.
26. How did Diana spend her free time when she was still a bachelorette?
            A. She watched movies                                  B. She finished her school
            C. She worked in restaurant                           D. She returned to Switzerland
            E. She visited her friends near the restaurant
27. The custody of the couple’s four children was given to Diana’s father because…….
            A. her outlook was cheerful                            B. her mother had an affair
            C. she determined her personality                  D. she had her very privileged family
            E. her paternal grandfather was dead
28. How was Diana’ academic achievement?
            A. Super                      B. Average                  C. First rate                 D. Admirable
            E. Exceptional
An earthquake is the shaking of the earth’s surface caused rapid movement of the earth’s rocky outer layer. Earth quake occur when energy stored within the Earth, usually in the form of stain rocks, suddenly releases.  The energy is transmitted to the surface of the earth by earth quake waves.
            The destruction of an earthquake depends on its magnitude, duration, or the amount of the shaking that occurs. A structure’s design and material used in its construction also affect the amount of damage the structure incurs. Earthquake vary from small, unnoticeable shaking to large shocks felt over thousands of kilometers. Earthquake can deform the ground, making building and other structures collapse, and create tsunamis (large sea waves). Lives may be lost in the resulting of destruction.
            Earthquakes occur at a rate of several hundred per day around the world. A world wide network of seismograph (machines that record movement of the earth) detects about 1 million small earthquake per year. Very large earthquake, such as the 1964 Alaskan earthquake and 2004 tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia, which caused millions of dollars in damage and thousand of victims, occur worldwide once every few years. Moderate earthquakes, such as the 1989 tremor in California USA, the 1995 tremor in Kobe, Japan, occur about 20 times a year. Moderate earthquakes also cause millions of dollars in damage and harm many people.
29. The destruction of an earthquake depends on ….
            A. the position of the earthquake’s rocky layer
            B. how long the earthquake last                     C. the amount of shaking that happens
            D. the structure’s design of the building        E. the materials used in the construction
30. One of the effects of an earthquake is ….
            A. the amount of shaking in mountains caused by explosion
            B. the amount of damage in rural areas caused by erosion
            C. the energy stored within the earth                         D. the deformation of the ground
            E. its magnitude and duration
31. Earthquakes are unpredictable because …..
            A. people cannot use seismograph
            B. people like to live around the mountainous area
            C. people cannot detect the exact time of the earthquake
            D. people like living the rural area better than in cities
            E. the government never gives warning about the signs of the earthquake to the people
32. “…….in damage and can harm many people”. (paragraph 3). The underlined word has the same meaning as …….
            A. eradicate                 B. endanger                 C. weaken       D. destroy       E. help
West Side Story
            West Side Story, a 1957 musical debut by American, Arthur Laurents, Leonard Bernstein, and Stephen Sondheim will play at Esplande-Theatres on the Bay, Singapore in April for a 24-day run. The tour, which brings an all-American cast and creative team, is expected to run until 2007 to visit South Korea, Taiwan, Macau, and Japan before visiting Europe.
            The musical’s plot is a reworking of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with protagonists Tony and Maria falling in love despite being from rival street gangs in New York City’s upper West Side.
            West Side Story was made into motion picture in 1961 and has won 10 Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Directing.
            West Side Story cost 4 millions to features to Singapore. It’s definitely well worth seeing.
36. West Side Story was a musical drama which ……
            A. was performed in Singapore                                  B. played its story in Europe theater
            C. visited Europe before Singapore                            D. won the best Feature Award
            E. was a 1975 movie drama
37. According to the text, West Side Story ……..
            A. had a tour in Singapore                              B. viewed gangs in New York
            C. had best director for drama                                    D. won the award for test performance
            E. succeeded to rework with Shakespeare
38. The advices the readers …. this motion picture.
            A. to watch                 B. to review                C. to analyze               D. to evaluate
            E. to download
Nature VS Nurture
People wondered for a long time how their personalities and behaviors are formed. Two distinct schools of thought on the matter have developed. The approaches are very different from one to another. The controversy is often referred to as nature and nurture.
            Those who support the nature side of the conflict believe that our personalities and behavior patterns are largely determined by biological and genetic factors. That our environment has little to do with our abilities, characteristics and behavior is central to this theory.
            Proponent of the nurture theory claim that our environment is more important than ouir biologically based instinct in determining how we will act. They see humans as beings whose behavior is almost completely shaped by their surroundings.
            Neither of these theories can yet fully explain human behavior. In fact, it is quite likely that they key to our behavior lies somewhere between these two extremes.
That the controversy will continue for a long time.
39. What do the nurture supporters think about human personality?
            A. Human personalities are developed for a long time
            B. Genetic factors play big roles in a person behavior
            C. our abilities are determined by our biological parents
            D. Our environment play important role in our personalities
            E. Our behavior isn’t determined by our surrounding
40. The main idea of the first paragraph is ….
            A. there are two opinions about what determines our personalities
            B. personalities and behavior are formed by nature and environment
            C. nature and nurture are two matters that determined our personalities
            D. the environment has no influence on the formation of our personalities
            E. there is a conflict between nature supporters and environment supporters
41. What does the writer think about the controversy above?
            A. it is over now                     B. it has really ended              C. it will not end soon
            D. it is easy solved now          E. it will be confusing
We are announcing today that we are bringing the California Milestone and Ever Green brands even closer together. Effective December 5, 2012, our official name will be:
Green Miles West
The substitution of “West” in our name replacing “California” is the result of an agreement we reached with California Gardening Association, following a protest over the original use of “California” in our name.
We hope this does not create any confusion among our loyal customers. While this represent a change from our initial name introduction, it does not change the quality of products we offer our customers
45. The company assures its customers that they will always maintain the …of their products.
            A. price           B. origin         C. quality             D. sale                               E. quantity
46. The name “Green Miles West” is….
A. a new name given to Green Miles California
B. a new name of a merger of two companies
C. a new name given from The California Gardening Association
D. a name of a new company that deals with gardening
E. a name given to a company formed by Gardening Association
47.Arrange these sentences below into good order.
            1. Make sure you knead it until smooth and elastic, about 6-8 minutes
            2. Add oil, salt and 2 cups floor
            3. Then beat on medium speed for 3 minutes
            4. First, dissolve yeast in warm water in a large mixing bowl
            5. Finally cover and let it rest in warm place for 10 minutes
            6. After that, place in a greased bowl, turning once to grease up
A. 4-2-3-1-6-5             B. 4-3-2-1-6-5             C. 4-1-3-2-5-6
            D. 4-2-1-6-3-5             E. 4-2-1-6-5-3
            A wolf had been gorging on an animal he had killed when suddenly a small bone in the meat stuck in his throat and could not (48)….it. he soon felt a terrible pain in his throat, and ran up and down groaning and groaning and seeking for something to relieve the pain. He asked everyone he met to remove (49)…. ‘I would give anything’ said he, ‘if you take it out. At last the crane agreed to try, and told the wolf to lie on this side and open his jaw as (50)…as he could. Then the crane put its long neck down the wolf’s throat, and with its’ beak loosened the bone, till at last it could get it out.
‘Will you kindly give me the reward you promised?’ said the crane.
The wolf grinned and showed his teeth and said ‘Be content. You have to put your head inside a wolf’s mouth and taken it out again safely; that is a reward for you.
48. ....  A. bite                         B. grasp                       C. chew
            D. digest                     E. swallow
49. ....  A. the bone                 B. the meat                  C. the hair
            D. the neck                  E. the animal
50. ....  A. narrow                    B. soon                        C. large
            D. hard                                    E. wide


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