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Ujian Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 XII SMA TA 2014/2015 Kunci Jawaban

Jl. Raya Mauk
Cadas Sepatan Tangerang
Phone (021)555555
September 21, 2012
Dear Mr. Abdul Rachman,
            I am writing to apply for the position related to database/graphic , package design in the research and development as you advertised in daily Kompas dated September 18, 2012.
            I am a graduate of Gajah Mada University majoring in Computer Science. I have experience in designing, supervising and completing a CAD system.
            I herewith enclose all the necessary documents needed. I hope you would arrange for an interview and your convenient.
            Thank you for consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely yours,
Isranto E
16. Isranto applied for the position because…..
            A. he needs a consideration                            B. he is a university graduate
            C. he is studying package design                    D. he subscribes daily Kompas
            E. he has the qualification required
17. We can infer from the text that Isranto…..
            A. wants to get better director                                    B. works for “Kompas” newspaper
            C. is a student majoring in Computer Science
            D. is doing a research in a new company
            E. has the knowledge of information and technology
Joseph Wilson
Associated Press/Barcelona, Spain
            Christiano Ronaldo scored a hat trick to power Real Madrid to a 5-1 home win over Deportivo La Coruna on Sunday, as the defending champions strung together back-to back Spanish league victories for the first time this season.
            Madrid will head into next weekend’s “clasico” match at Camp Nou eight point behind leading Barcelona, but at least Jose Mourinho’s side is showing strong signs it has recovered its dominating form from the last campaign.
            Deportivo opened through Ivan “Riki” Sanches-Rico 16 minutes in, but Ronaldo equalized from the penalty spot in the 23rd and netted again just before half time after Angle Di Maria had extended to lead.
            Pepe added a headed goal in the 66th before Ronaldo capped the victory with a spot kick in the 83rd. “The most important thing about my three goals is that they helped the team to win”, said Ronaldo. “We know it will be tough against Barcelona. We are playing away from home. But we have to be focused and confident that we can play a good game and get the victory.
            Ronaldo’s 17th career hat trick lifted him even with Barcelona’s Lione Messi with 6 goals each through 6 rounds. Both trail Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falco by one goal.
            Until now, Madrid had been unable to reproduce the same attacking verve that had led it to convincing victories over Manchester City in the Champion League and Barcelona in Spanish Super Cup
            But after shaking off “Deportivo’s early goal, it quickly took care of business at Santiago Bernabeu Stadiun on a night it could ill afford another slip up.
            “We started without a lot of energy, but we woke up after the 1-0” said Ronaldo. It was an important win because we knew we couldn’t drop any more points.
            Mourinho  rested regular starters Xabi Alonso and Alvaro Arbeloa with Madrid set to visit Ajax in champions League on Wednesday, shifting Sergio Ramos over to take Arbelo’s place on the right of the defense.
 20. Why was the win over Deportivo La Coruna  very important?
            A. Real Madrid will head Barca next week
            B. It can raise the fighting spirit for the next match
            C. In this match, Ronaldo did hat trick
            D. It’s the first time to defeat Deportivo                   E. it’s rare winning
21. During the first fifteen minutes, Deportivo La Coruna  led the match, because ….
            A. they had extra sprit to win the match
            B. Madrid was in bad performance                            C. Ronaldo did hat trick
            D. Madrid started without a lot of energy                 E. Mourinho rested regular starter.
22. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
            A. Madrid will go to camp Nou                                 B. Madrid has recovered
            C. Mourinho is the coach of Real Madrit
            D. Madrid is at 8 points behind Barcelona
            E. Clasico match will be held next week at Camp Nou
New robotic system can transmit sense of touch.
Asia News Network (The Yomiuri Shimbun) Thu, 07/12/2012 10:42 a.m. Sci-Tech
Japanese researchers have developed a robotic system that can convey the sense of touch-including temperature, hardness and texture-from a robot to human hand. The system was developed by Susumu Tachi, special professor at Keio University, and his development staff.
            The users wear a helmet with a monitor display, a vest and gloves that can receive the “sense of touch” of fabric and objects grasped by the robot. The vest transmits information about the wearer’s position and posture, while the gloves recreate the sense of touch and temperature of the object.
            As the robot has a number of sensors on its fingertips, the user can even feel the vibration of marbles in a glass container and detect differences in the feel of fabrics.
23. What is the topic of the text?
            A. News of new developing of robotic system
            B. An explanation of how a robot transmits sense of touch
            C. News of how Susumu Tachi develops a new robot
            D. A robot that was developed at Keiko University
            E. A development of sensors on robotic system
24. The user can feel the vibration of marbles in glass container because….
            A. the user wears a helmet with a monitor display
            B. the robot has a number of sensor on its fingertip
            C. the robot can detect differences in the feel of fabric
            D. the vast transmit information about the wearer’s position
            E. the vest and gloves can receive the “sense of touch” of marbles
Speech Production
            The components of speech system are the lungs, trachea (windpipe), larynx (organ of speech production), pharyngeal cavity (throat), oral or buccal cavity (mouth), and nasal cavity (nose).
            In technical discussions, the pharyngeal and oral cavities are usually grouped into one unit referred to as the vocal tract. The vocal track begins at the output of the larynx (vocal cord or glottis) and terminates at the input to the lips. The nasal tack begins at the velum and end at the nostrils. When the velum (a trap-door-like mechanism at the back of the oral cavity) is lowered, the nasal track is acoustically coupled to the vocal tract to produce the nasal sounds of speech.
            Meanwhile, air enters the lungs via the normal breathing mechanism. As air is expelled from the lungs through the trachea, the tensed vocal cords within the larynx are caused to vibrate by air flow. The airflow is chopped into quasi-periodic pulses, which later are modulated in frequency in passing through the throat, the oral cavity, and possibly the nasal cavity. Depending on the position of various articulators (i.e., jaw, tongue, velum, lips and mouth), different sound are produced.
29. The vocal track ends in the …..
            A. nose                        B. mouth                     C. lips
            D. trachea                    E. larynx
30. which of the following makes speech sound?
            A. the ingoing air                    B. the tensed air          C. the air entering the lungs
            D. the outgoing air                  E. the air through nasal cavity
31. What makes vocal cord within the Larynx vibrate?
            A. the glottis                                       B. the vocal track        C. the various articulators
            D. the air flows into the lungs            E. the air flows from the lungs
            Thanksgiving day was a celebration of harvest, a gratitude for peace by Native Americans. It is celebrated in late autumn. In the past, Thanksgiving was celebrated BY New England people for their bountiful harvest. Canadian had been celebrating it for the same reason as their fellow in New England. In North America, however, it was originally held to thank God for their survival in the new land-which was not easy for them. Nowadays, Thanksgiving is celebrated in The United States of America and in Canada.
            Thanksgiving festivals are held every fourth Thursday of November in USA and on the second Monday of October in Canada. It is usually celebrated in four or five days in North America and for three days in Canada. It is celebrated with get together and dinner by families and friends. Homes are decorated and turkey is served as the main dish. Lamps are lighted to brighten the atmosphere. Best china and silver cutlery are put into use to celebrate the occasion.
42. Why do people in Canada celebrate thanksgiving?
            A. To thank God for their rich harvest
            B. To thank God for their survival in the new land                C. To have a peaceful live
            D. T a safe arrival in a new land                                 E. To be grateful for their peace
43. Nowadays, how do they celebrate Thanksgiving in the US?
            A. They sold their china and silver cutlery
            B. They have five days holiday from office
            C. They eat their harvest with families
            D. They have dinner with their family member
            E. They use silver to brighten the atmosphere
44. In celebrating Thanksgiving………
            A. Canadian does the same thing as American does
            B. Canadian decorate their home with wet flowers
            C. Families gather to eat and give good luck in the dark home
            D. Canadians and Americans congratulate each other to have good lives
            E. American usually does it on October 
Happy Mart
Our Customers in Jakarta are welcome to enjoy
our closing down sale on June 29, 2013
50% off for all item
Please be noted that Happy Mart at Senayan Plaza Mall will cease its operation on June 30, 2013 and at Shangri-La Mall on August 31, 2013
If you have any inquiries, please contact us at +622188888667677
Toll-free +62217676979769 in West Jakarta only
Or send email to
45. If customers in west Jakarta have a question, they should contact to toll-free at ….
            A. Shangri-la Mall                   B. Senayan Plaza Mall            C. +62217676979769
            D. +622188888667677           E.
46. From the text we know  that……
            A. Happy Mart will be sold 50% of the normal price
            B. Happy Mart are selling all its items on June 28, 2013
            C. Happy Mart at Shangri-la Mall will close down before the one in Senayan Plaza
            E. Happy Mart will have a big sale one day before the closing date at Senayan Plaza
47. Arrange these sentences below into a good order.
Making Ice Cream without Machine
1.      Keep checking periodically and stirring until the ice cream is frozen
2.      Then pour your custard mixture in a deep baking dish and put in the freezer
3.      After forty five minutes, remove it from the freezer and stir it vigorously with a spatula or whisk. Put it back in the freezer
4.      First of all, prepare your ice cream mixture, then chill it over an ice bath
5.      Continue to check the mixture every 30 minutes, stirring vigorously as it’s freezing
6.      The last step, transfer the ice cream to a coverage storage container until it ready to serve
A.    4-2-3-5-1-6
B.     3-4-2-1-5-6
C.     2-1-6-3-5-4
D.    1-2-4-3-5-6
E.     5-4-2-1-3.6
The camel
One day a mother and a baby Camel were having a discussion when the baby camel began asking. ‘Mom, why do we have these huge two-toed feet? The mother replied, ‘well, son, when we trek across the desert, our toes will help us stay on top the soft sand. Two minutes later, the young camel (48)….”Mom, why do we have these long eyelashes?
‘They are there to keep the sand out of our eyes on the trips through the desert’, the mother said. ’Mom, why have we got these great big humps on our back?
‘They are there to help us store (49)…..for our long trek across the desert, so we can go without drinking for (50)……periods of time. ‘So we have huge feet to stop us from linking, long eyelashes to keep the sand out eyes, and these humps to store water’. ‘Yes, dear’ said the mother.
48…    A. told             B. asked          C. replied        D. answered                E. questions
49…    A. sand            B. goods          C. food            D. water                      E. dates
50….   A. long            B. short           C. easy                        D. dangerous               E. careful


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