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Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMA 3 (XII) TA 2014/2015

16. The host of the workshop is ….
            A. IGCSE Class                                  B. Jubelee School        C. Cambridge University                    D. Cambridge International School         E. Art and Design School
17. How is the fee for this training?
            A. The same as before                         B. Cheaper than before           C. Not yet decided                 D. Free for teachers                                   E. More expensive
Pedrosa cut MotoGP title gap again
After superb victory in Japan
(CNN): Dani Pedrosa kept his motoGP title hopes alive by outpacing championship leader Jorge Lorenzo to win the Japanese round at motoGP Sunday
Pedrosa has closed to within 28 points with three round remaining after claiming four of the last five races.
Honda’s Pedrosa went past his Yamaha rival just past the half way mark of the 24 lap race to win by over four seconds
Alvaro Bautista completed a Spain sweet of the Podium in third place.
Pedrosa’s only regret is that Lorenzo has managed to limit the impact of his recent dominant run: “We did what we needed to do and it’s just a pity that there is no one else who can stay with us because every race I win, he’s been second”, he told the official motoGP website.
Italy’s Andrea Dovicioso finished champion Case Stoner of Australia in fourth with return to reigning the circuit after an ankle injury which has sidelined him in the last three races.
“I’m little disappointed. To be honest at the start of the race I felt I had the pace to stay with Dani and Jorge and the bike was pretty good. Then as the race progressed my body started to suffer and ache in ways  I didn’t expect” he said.
Valentino Rossi who will rejoin Yamaha next season, finished seventh on his Ducati
            20. Why did Pedrosa feel sorry?
            A. Valentino Rossi finished in fifth despite Pedrosa’s support
            B. Pedrosa has closed to within 28 points      C. Case Stoner was frustrated by his effort
            D. The championship leader is Jorge Lorenzo
            E. Jorge Lorenzo has managed to limit the impact of his recent dominant
21. Case Stoner said “I’m little disappointed” because …
            A. his body started to suffer and ache in ways
            B. he will retire at the end of the season                    C. he has sidelined in last three races
            D. Rossi will rejoin Yamaha next season                    E. he finished in fifth race
22. The first paragraph mainly tells about ….
            A. MotoGP racing                                          B. MotoGP championship leader
            C. Valentino Rossi finished in seventh           D. Casey Stoner was left and frustrated
            E. The championship leader was Jorge Lorenzo
Sport fans attending the London Olympics were told on Sunday to avoid non-urgent text messages and tweets during events because overloading of data networks was affecting television coverage.
            Commentators on Saturday’s men”s cycling road race were unable to tell viewers how far the leaders were ahead of the chasing pack because data could not get through from the GPS satellite navigation system travelling with the cyclist.
            It was particularly annoying for British viewers, who had turned in hoping to see a medal for spirit king Mark Cavendish.
            Many inadvertently made matter worse by venting their anger on Twitter at the lack information.
            An International Olympic Committee spokesman said the network problem had been caused by the messages sent by the hundreds of thousands of fan who lined the street to cheer on the British team.
            “Of course, if you want to sent something, we are not going to say ‘Don’t, you can’t do it’, we could certainly never prevent people”, he said. It’s just-if it’s not an urgent, urgent one, please kind of take it easy”.
23. What is the news about?
            A. The effect of overload data from text messages tweets on television coverage
            B. Text messages and Tweeter cheer up the London Olympic Games
            C. The television coverage of the men’s cycling road race
            D. The prohibition to use mobile phones and tweeter in the Olympic arena
            E. The failure to cover the Olympic events due to the bad quality of London’s TV
24. Using mobile phone during the Olympic Games could disturb……..
            A. other viewers                                  B. your attention                     C. Mark Cavendish
            D. athlete’s attention                          E. television coverage
25. “It was particularly annoying for British viewers, …” (part 3). The underlined word is closest in meaning to …..
             A. tiring                      B. irritating                              C. confusing
            D. confusing               E. frightening
Nadine Chandrawinata was Putri Indonesia (Miss Indonesia Universe) 2005, and a delegate representing Indonesia in the 2006 Miss Universe Pageant. She was the second Miss Indonesia to participate in the pageant (preceded by Artika Sari Devi) after a long pause in 1996.
            Despite her stunning beauty and modelesque figure, many doubted her public speaking ability since she stuttered a lot during interviews. She had also repeatedly used incorrect words from time to time. Her English was limited, which was made obvious in an interview published in the Miss Universe 2006 website. For subsequent question and answer sessions, she used a translator.
            According to a Miss Universe 2006 interview, she considered Mother Teresa her idol and wanted to work for UNICEF in the future. Despite all the controversy, she attained runner up position for National Costume, thank to Anne Avante who designed kebaya Kencono Ungu. Because of her warm personality, she also got runner up position for Miss Congeniality.
            She starred in an Indonesian drama movie Realty, Love, and Rock’ dan Roll with fellow actor Herjunot Ali, who happened to be Agni Pratistha’s boy friend. She was an F1 ambassador for the 2006 Petronas Malaysian F1 Grand Prix.
26. Many people doubted on Nadine’s public speaking ability because……
            A. she used her English well                           B. she used a translator
            C. she interviewed Miss Universe                  D. she repeatedly used incorrect words
            E. she participated in Miss Universe contest
27. Nadine got runner up position for National Costume because ….
            A. she worked for UNICEF              
B. she was Miss Universe after Artika Sari Devi
            C. she considered Mother Teresa as her idol
            D. she wore Kebaya Kencono Ungu                          E. she had warm personality
28. Altough Nadine was not in the first winner of Miss Universe 2006 performance, her international achievement was ………
            A. terrifying                B. satisfying                C. confusing                D. frustrating
            E. disappointing
Global warming is the measurable increase in the average temperature of Earth atmosphere, oceans and landmasses. Scientists believe that the Earth is currently facing a period of rapid warming brought by the rising level of heat-trapping gasses, known as green houses gasses in the atmosphere. Green houses gasses occurs naturally and without them, the planet would be too cold to sustain life as we know it. With more green house gasses around, present day human beings should be better equipped with more information about global warming, so that they understand the causes as well as the impact of global warming.
            How does the process of global warming work? All objects emit radiation because of their temperature. The sun or any object at a temperature of 6000K, most of its energy in the infrared part of the spectrum. Some gasses in the atmosphere are called “green house gasses”. These gasses are like watervapour and carbondioxide; transparent to visible light but absorb infrared light. When the visible light from the sun hits the earth, it passes through atmosphere, and warms the earth. The earth emits some of this energy back out into to the space, keeping the planet cool. But the energy that the earth emits is in the infrared and some of it is absorbed by the green house gasses in the atmosphere instead of going back out into the space. When it happens, the atmosphere gets warmer and the planet as a whole gets warmer too.
29. People should be better equipped with global warming information because ….
            A. there is more green houses at present
            B. the green house absorbs the heat on earth
            C. the visible light from sun hits the earth     
D. the atmosphere emits infrared to earth      E. the earth is growing cooler each year
30. According to the text, the earth gets warm when the emitted energy …….
            A. is absorbed by the green house gasses in the atmosphere
            B. goes back out into the space                      C. passes through the atmosphere
            D. is extracted from the air                             E. is kept in the sun
31. From the text we can infer that the major cause of global warming is ….
            A. infrared light                      B green house gasses
            C. high temperature                D. carbon dioxide                   E. fossil fuel
32. Green houses gasses occurs naturally and without ….. (paragraph 2). The closest meaning to the underlined word is …..
            A. builds                     B. makes         C. happens      D. discovers                E. reacts
One day, a young farm boy named Eragon finds a blue stone while hunting and tries to sell it for money. Unsuccessfully in his attempt, he takes the stone back to his cabin and lets it sit there until it hatches into a beautiful blue dragon. Eragon realizes he can talk to this secret pet dragon with his mind, and eventually learns that he and the dragon are part of a legacy of secret heroes called the riders.
            With the help of Brom, a wise ma, Eragon matures into his destiny. The challenges he faces include fighting a long-standing war, helping an ethereal elf and dealing with tragedy and revenge. Certain details, such as Eragon’s revelation that cannot read, develop this rich work and blend together to produce a number of plot twists. The story builds suspense steadily until the end.
            Remarkably, author Cristopher Paolini began writing Eragon at the age of 15. Now 19, he has already established himself as an exciting new creator whose influences include Tolkien, McCaffrey, and others. His word is intricate, his character believable, and his writing engaging.
            Hardcore, fans of fantasy and science fiction novels will be enchanted by this well crafted fantasy and unquestionably will look forward to this exciting trilogy.
36. He did Eragon communicate with his pet dragon?
            A. Through his gesture                        B. By his thought
            C. With his own language                   D. With his eyes            E. Through a wise man
37. According to reviewer, the writer of the novel is ……..
            A. an exciting creator                          B. an intricate writer               C. a fantastic man
            D. a believable man                             E. a challenging person
38. We know from the text that the novel is ……
            A. boring                     B. amazing                  C. challenging
            D. frightening                                     E. exaggerating
Gift card Bring Advantages and Disadvantages
            Gift cards become more popular during recent years. For example, in one holiday season, sales can reach USD19 billion in united Stated and it is seen to grow more in the following season due to their convenience in the side of consumers and retailers.
            In retailer’s side, gift cards bring them some benefits. Selling gift cards is simply selling product. When the cards are sold, they will get benefit. Gift cards tend to be a matter of image and trend, which means it is not strictly influenced by the functionality. Since sending gift cards is a trend, the sales will increase significantly.
            However, there are potential disadvantages in the side of consumers. For example, iTune gift cards apply process in the way of completing the shopping. They need to do one step to another step in processing the shopping. Likely, most of the steps need time and date of validity or expiration. When certain step loses that validating date, the gift cards may be in risk. The card can be rejected to redeem. Again, in retailers side, producing card it self is costly. It means that there is additional cost which retailers have to pay. In whatever thing, we need to be wise, if we can use that gift.
39. How do gift cards bring some benefits to retailers?
            A. by influencing customers to merchant       B. by adding some costs producing them
            C. by completing the shopping process          D. by applying purchasing process
            E. by selling the products
40. Paragraph 3 of the text is mainly about ……
            A. the trend of gift cards                    B. popularity of gift cards
            C. benefit obtained by the retailer      D. the convenience of using gift cards
            E. disadvantages in side of consumers
41. We know from the text that if the gift cards are rejected, the retailers ……
            A. will be wise                        B. will get lose                        C. will get profit
            D. will be in risk                      E. will return
A kangaroo is an animal found only in Australia, although it has a smaller relative, called wallaby, which lives on the Australian Island of Tasmania and also in New Guinea.
            Kangaroos eat grass and plants. They have short front legs, but very long and very strong back legs and tail. These are used for sitting up and for jumping. Kangaroos have been known to make forward jump of over eight meters, and leap across fences more than three meters high. They can also run at speed of over 45 kilometers per hour.
            The largest kangaroos are the great Grey Kangaroo and the adult Red Kangaroo grows to length of 1.60 meters and weight over 90 kilos.
            Mammals that are not completely developed when it is born are called marsupials. Kangaroos, koalas, and possums are Marsupials. Female marsupials carry their babies in a pouch in the front of their body until the babies are fully mature and can live by themselves.
42. What are the similarities 0f Kangaroos, Koalas and Possum?
            A. They all eat grass                            B. They have strong front legs
            C. They are marsupials                        D. They can grow to 1.60 m.
            E. They can jump to eight meters.
43. Which kangaroos belong to the largest kangaroo?
            A. The grey and the brown kangaroos                        B. The black and the red kangaroo
            C. The red and the yellow kangaroo                           D. The grey and the red kangaroos
            E. The blue and the grey kangaroos
44. We can infer from the text that ….
            A. all mammals have pouch                B. not all kangaroos have pouch
            C. marsupials are young kangaroos
            D. a pouch contains food and drink for baby kangaroo
            E. babies kangaroo are carried in the mother pouch
Republic of Indonesia
Invitation for submission of Interest (EOI)
Consulting Service for project implementation
Strengthening West Kalimantan Power Grid
Referring to our invitation of submission of expression of interest (EOI) which, was published in Jakarta Post 4th of July 2012 Edition, we hereby announce that:
1.      The deadline for submission of EOI is on August 5th, 2012 to address below. All firms will be advised of the result of their EOI. Only firms that have been shot-listed will be invited to submitted a technical proposal. The name and address of short-listed firms will be published.
2.      Further information from background documents can be obtained at the address given below.
Attention         : Chairman of Procurement Consultant Committee
                        PT. PLN (Persero) Kantor Pusat
                        Main Building 15th floor
                        Jl. Truno Jaya 12190, Indonesia
                        Tel       : 62-21-7251234 ext 1293, 1382
                        Fax      : 62-21-72277042
                        Email   :
45. The announcement is released by ……
            A. PT PLN Persero                             B. Republic of Indonesia
            C. The Jakarta Post                             D. Procurement Consulting Committee
            E. Ratnasari Sjamsudin
46. Which firms can submit a technical proposal?
            A. Any power plant firm                                B. Big Power plant firms
            C. The local power plant firms                        D. The short-listed firms
            E. The small power plant firms


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